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The Votes Are in: Best Comedic Actor, Actress and Best Up-and-Comer

I recently revealed who you chose as the best dramatic actor and best dramatic actress of 2007, and now for the gentlemen and ladies you found to be the best in the comedies this year. Also, check out which young 'un won the best up-and-comer poll!

Best Comedic Actor of 2007: Michael Cera, Superbad, Juno
Truth be told, this poll is basically a tie. At the moment, Michael Cera has exactly one vote more than Seth Rogen, but this could change in a heartbeat. Regardless, it's clear that the stars of this year's Apatow movies prove most likable. Even the third place winner is Apatow movie alum Steve Carell.

I myself voted for Michael Cera as well because even when it seems like the kid isn't trying to be funny, he's still funny. Honestly, I laugh just looking at him.

Best Comedic Actress of 2007:
Amy Adams, Enchanted
Amy Adams was absolutely endearing as Giselle in Enchanted, and most of you rewarded her with the top honors in this poll. Leslie Mann came in second place for her super funny performance as Alison's sister in Knocked Up, and Amy Poehler was not far behind in third place.

I joined in the chorus of praise for Amy Adams, as I think her Disney princess performance was inspired.

To find out who won the best up-and-comer of 2007 poll,


Best Up-and-Comer of 2007: Michael Cera, Superbad, Juno
Wow, Michael Cera wins not one, but two of the best of 2007 polls! He's both the funniest guy in movies as well as the most promising up-and-comer. Other big favorites were Shia LaBeouf and Ellen Page.

For this poll I had to go with Saoirse Ronan because after seeing Atonement I'm convinced she has an incredible career ahead of her.

Source and Juno image courtesy of Fox Searchlight

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