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I've saved the heavy-hitters for the very end of my Best of 2007 poll recaps. But now, it's finally time to reveal what shows you thought were the best new network shows and best new cable series of the year. Drumroll, please . . .

The Best New Cable Series of 2007: Californication
David Duchovny already got the nod for the year's best return to TV; now his show, Californication, is getting an honor from Buzz readers, too. The show was locked in a tight battle with HBO's Flight of the Conchords for the lead, with the rest of the votes pretty evenly spread between the remaining series.

I went with the dryly goofy Conchords — though, really, this poll just reminded me what a great year it was for cable. All of the series on the poll were renewed for second seasons, and I'm looking forward to watching them all again in 2008.

The Best New Network Series of 2007:
Gossip Girl

No surprise here: Gossip Girl has become one of the most talked-about series of the fall TV season, despite its meager ratings. The closest to catching it in the poll: Pushing Daisies with a solid 25 percent of the vote. Chuck held its own, too, finishing third.

As for me, I went with Daisies. Gossip Girl has filled my need for a soapy, sexy teen show that's also well-written — a guilty pleasure that doesn't make me feel too guilty. But Daisies gets points for creativity; its candy-colored world is like nothing else I've ever seen. If nothing else, those two shows prove that Wednesdays are the new Thursdays when it comes to must-see TV.

Photos courtesy of Showtime and The CW

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gossipgalwinnie gossipgalwinnie 9 years
I love gossip girl! it really relates to my life and i can see myself in their shoes!
t-and-co t-and-co 9 years
I've seen one episode of "Gossip Girl" and it could barely hold my attention. It's just so vapid, and shallow. ::shrugs::
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Mad Men topped my list of cable shows, but you're right, Buzz: this was a great year for cable. The choices for Best New Network Series were tough ones too. Pushing Daisies is my favorite, but GG deserves a nod as well.
sfmastiffmom sfmastiffmom 9 years
I voted for Pushing Daisies as well Buzz.......we just watched Corpsicle after being so busy lately. It reaffirms my feelings that this show is the best I've ever seen. I've gotten addicted to shows before, sure, but this one leaves me wanting more every time. No questions.
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