19 Major Things We Know About The Walking Dead Season 8 Thanks to the Trailer

Jul 23 2017 - 8:30am

The Walking Dead [1] is set to return this October [2], but before it does, we have lots to talk about. Season seven is all about making alliances leading up to All Out War, and from what we can tell, the war is on between the Saviors and Rick's army in season eight [3]. While it takes some time to get to the action, the trailer [4] is packed with hints about what we're going to see in the new episodes. There are explosions, people are captured, and Negan is cranky. We've pulled out every important moment from the trailer, some you may not have even noticed, because the trailer moves so quickly.

Gabriel Has Been Captured . . .

. . . by Negan

Negan hopes Gabriel has his "sh*tting pants" on.

Dwight Finds a Note That Says "Tomorrow"

Possibly referring to the plan of attack?

There's an Important-Looking Gun

I count 43 tally marks.

Someone Is Inside a Storage Container

Rick's Crew Is Setting Traps

Jesus is the one covering this gasoline tank.

Carol and Tara Are Casually Surrounded by Walkers

They honestly don't seem bothered.

Jesus Is Either Learning to Fight From or Actually Fighting Morgan

Enid Is Asking to Help Aaron

Whatever, Enid.

This F*cking Guy Is Still Around

Go away, Simon.

These Dumpster Divers Are Still in the Picture

OK, I guess we need them to defeat the Saviors, but I still don't like them.

Maggie Is Becoming the Leader She's Meant to Be

Maggie is seen giving a Rick-esque rallying speech, presumably to their army. She's fulfilling her comic-book destiny [6] as the group's new leader!

Carol Is Back and Taking No Prisoners

Carol has basically been forced out of seclusion — did you really think she would just knit in her cabin forever? — and is fully helping in the effort to take down Negan.

Daryl Is in Charge of Explosives

Remember the gasoline? Later in the trailer, Daryl is seen riding around and shooting at various points, triggering explosions. I'm not sure what part of the plan this is, but I support it.

Shiva Is Ready to Fight

We got see Shiva take out some bad guys on the season seven finale, but the fierce girl is back!

Negan Is a Sassy Baby

He's clearly interrogating someone in the trailer, and he's not happy with an answer. Aw, poor Negan needs a nap.

Someone Is Definitely in the Storage Container

Is that Rick? Stripped down to his skivvies?

Rick Is in a Serious Brawl

There are two points during the trailer when we see Rick in a physical fight with this bearded guy, but who is he?

Rick Is Old and Back in a Hospital

We have plenty of questions about the final shots of the trailer, which show a cane leaning up against a wall, some flowers, and Old Man Rick laying in a bed. Has it all been a dream? Is this the future? What's. Going. On.

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