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Watch James Franco Funny or Die Video For Jimmy and the Cop 2010-03-30 11:00:25

James Franco: Love Him or Leave Him?

I just can't figure James Franco out. One moment I think he's a big goof by guest starring on General Hospital as a character "whose canvas is murder," but then he writes a high-brow analysis of the move, and I then decide that he takes himself too seriously. Now comes news that he's pursuing his PhD at Yale and writing a book, and I think he's back to being earnest about his work. Right on schedule, then, he makes a Funny or Die skit lampooning himself in a fake rehearsal for Jimmy and the Cop (warning: language is NSFW).

I can't tell — is James Franco just a genius that I don't get? He's definitely easy on the eyes, but his wide variety of intellectual and arty pursuits makes me think he's on an advanced plane of thinking that's inaccessible to me. What do you think of him?

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