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Film Forum: Tell Us What Movies You Saw This Weekend!

This past Easter weekend may have been full of candy, colored eggs, and feasts, but a holiday is also the perfect opportunity to hit the movies. Did you make it to the theater? There were a couple of new releases, like Water For Elephants and Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, that I'd love to hear your thoughts on if you saw them. And considering that Hop was also in theaters, I'm wondering if anyone made it a festive experience by seeing an Easter bunny movie on Easter.

Let me know your thoughts on the flicks you saw — I'm especially curious to hear what you legions of Robert Pattinson fans made of his non-Twilight drama.

troyalg troyalg 6 years
To add to my earlier comment, the older audience didn't just like the movie, they clapped at the end. I also noticed that some reviewers on TV will stand in the theatre and ask people as they come out. Most of these I have seen have been positive, ranging from teenage men and women to older adults.
likethedirection likethedirection 6 years
My fiance and I saw Water for Elephants and both liked it. We both read the book. I didn't love the pairing of Reese and Rob because she seemed too old for him, but I both think they did a great job.
spaa649 spaa649 6 years
I saw Water for Elephants and I thought it was fantastic! I really liked the book but the movie was better. I have seen several movies where they weren't true enough to the book but I thought this one did a fantastic job.
troyalg troyalg 6 years
Even though I'm in my 20's, the rest of the audience for WFE was 50 and up. I talked with some of them (men and women) and there was a very good reception.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
I agree that I actually liked the movie more than the book. In the book I felt that Jacob was a bit blah, and Pattinson made him a more interesting protagonist. I also thought it was wise to leave the nursing home aspect out of the movie since it would be hard to do it justice without being in Jacob's head.
bethany0403 bethany0403 6 years
I saw Water for Elephants and thought it was HORRIBLE!! I did not read the book, but there was no chemistry between Robert and Reese and the story did not keep my attention. It is sad, it could have been sooo good. Christoph Waltz was chilling though. I did not feel the desire or love affair between these two people that they would risk life and death to be together. I was disappointed.
troyalg troyalg 6 years
Saw Water for Elephants. If you liked the book, you will definitely like the movie. If you liked Notebook, it is similar to that. I actually liked the movie better than the book because it edits out slow or unnecessary parts. Reese was good, Robert was better, with Chistoph probably be the strongest player, but my favorite scenes are Jacob and Rosie. A few have said that the romance wasn't that strong between Jacob and Marlena, which I can agree with, but I felt the same after reading the book, but overall it's a good movie. I'd recommend it. It's more original than anything you are going to be seeing in the coming months, no computer animation just pure acting, and old-fashioned in a good way.
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