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Water For Elephants Trailer Starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon 2010-12-15 17:19:03

Robert Pattinson Romances Reese in the Water For Elephants Trailer

The film adaptation of Water for Elephants has a lot riding on it. First, Sara Gruen's novel has countless fans who are anxious about whether or not the movie will do justice to the best-selling book. Secondly, the stellar cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, and last but certainly not least, Robert Pattinson in his biggest post-Twilight film to date. After reading the book this Summer, I'm happy that the first teaser captures the essential themes: magic, mystery, and a twinge of darkness. Pattinson seems to fit the bill as quiet and conflicted Jacob, a young man who literally runs away with the circus after the shocking death of his parents. In turn, Witherspoon looks gorgeous as Marlena, the performer he falls for while he's working as the show's elephant trainer. But it's Waltz who seems to be the one to watch as Marlena's dangerous loose cannon of a husband, August. I'm officially intrigued and hungry for a longer look, but check it out for yourself when you


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postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I am so unbelievably excited about this. That book is one of my absolute favorites!
macherieamourr macherieamourr 6 years
I am still captivated by the photo and reviews. I can hardly wait now. A must see for me and I hope I can. find the book to keep as a souvenir
suziryder suziryder 6 years
I loved the book, but I think Pattinson is completely miscast. He is just not a good actor and he is going to drag the whole movie down.
Renees3 Renees3 6 years
Hmm not sure how #6 comment is a fan girl rant, but oh well. I agree that you can't really tell how Pattinson will do based on the teaser. I think it looks good and if people can back away from pre conceived notions about any of the actors and look at it as a clean slate, I think it looks good. I'm not a huge Pattinson fan, but I love Waltz and can't wait to see the triangle between these three
laluna27 laluna27 6 years
I looooved the book and was a bit apprehensive when I heard they were making a movie - but now Im pretty excited to see it! :)
Piebeary71 Piebeary71 6 years
Seriously, I am so looking forward to this movie. I so loved the book. I think Robert is going to shine in it, he's going to prove his critics wrong. Christoph and Reese are awesome. So can't wait for it!!!
momasgirlz momasgirlz 6 years
I cant wait the pictures color looks spectacular!! So rich and dreamy. Robert of course and Reese and Chris and Hal look marvelous!!!
sophiashortcake sophiashortcake 6 years
I can't wait to see this movie the book was amazing!
jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
I have to admit, I had doubts about Reese Witherspoon for this part, and this trailer intensifies them. I LOVE Reese, don't get me wrong. But for a part like this, I imagine more of a sultry ingenue, a la Marion Cotillard. I hope I'm wrong! I loved the book.
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