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We Bought a Zoo Trailer

We Bought a Zoo Trailer: Matt Damon Fathers His Kids, Wild Animals

The simple title of We Bought a Zoo gives only the most minimal hint to what the Matt Damon dramedy is about, but now that we have a trailer, everything makes a lot more sense. Damon plays Benjamin, a widowed father of two kids who's having a rough go of it on his own. When he decides to uproot his family and move, the property they settle into contains a fairly alarming real estate surprise: it's housing a decrepit zoo, exotic animals and all. Benjamin then takes it upon himself to get the zoo up and running again, with the help of his resistant kids, brother (Thomas Haden Church), and a few residents of their new town, like love interest Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning.

The touch of director Cameron Crowe is apparent in the beginning of the trailer, from his male protagonist second guessing himself to a scene eerily reminiscent of Crowe classic Jerry Maguire. But in the second half of the trailer, things get decidedly Disney as Damon deals with a roaring lion and a has a run-in with a porcupine. It would all feel a little too cheesy if it weren't based on a true story — and if the warmth the characters display over the final moments weren't so heart-melting. We Bought a Zoo comes out Dec. 23, so watch the trailer when you read more.

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