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Wedding Party Moments: A ZBZ Bachelorette Party on Greek

From the previews for this week's episode of Greek, it looked like Max was going to propose to Casey! If you haven't yet watched the episode, I won't say what happens, but I will say that there is a wedding on Greek — for former Zeta Beta Zeta sister Kiki, who was Frannie's big sis (so, Casey's grand-big sis, and now Jordan's great-grand-big sis). Kiki (played by Colette Wolfe, whom I've seen everywhere lately, from Observe and Report and 17 Again to a recent episode of Reaper) wants to have the wedding at CRU and she enlists the help of her old ZBZ sisters.

Included in this whirlwind wedding weekend is a bachelorette party for Kiki at Dobler's, but going through Kiki's "scavenger hunt" list ends up revealing more about Casey, Frannie and especially Rebecca than it does about Kiki. If you've seen the episode (or don't mind some spoiler-y stuff), you can check out Kiki's bachelorette party scene from Greek if you


Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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