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Weeds Series Finale Spoilers

The Weeds Cast Prepares For a "Beautiful" Season Finale

Weeds is heading into the home stretch, with its eighth and final season currently airing on Showtime. The cast came together one last time at the network TCA to talk about the bittersweet goodbye and how the show will leave the indomitable Botwin family in the season finale come September. We were promised that the final episode will answer a lot of questions and that it was "very carefully planned," but Mary Louise-Parker added that it's a beautiful ending, even if it's not the most satisfying.

  • Creator Jenji Kohan talked about the beauty of being able to write a proper season finale, since they got the news about the cancellation before the final episode was written. She stressed that the show is "ultimately about a family," and she hopes that the finale reflects that sentiment.
  • Weeds is known for its epic cliffhangers, but don't expect the finale to leave us hanging. Kohan said that it's more of a wrap-up than a cliffhanger.
  • Though Elizabeth Perkins has said she won't appear in the final season, you can plan on seeing lots of other familiar faces from over the years popping up in the episodes to come. Kohan said, "We wanted to bring back everyone we could, and everyone who said yes, we're bringing back."
  • The whole cast was pretty emotional, but Parker only had the highest praise when discussing the final episode, saying that it was "beautifully written" among other things. She said, "I just cried when I read it. I think it's beautiful. I don't know if she [Kohan] brought things together in a way that was really satisfying because it's an end. But she managed to bring things together in a way that's not a total happily-ever-after thing, but there was hope in it, and some sort of benediction."
  • Hunter Parrish also got a little choked up, sharing his favorite Weeds memories (he said his favorite scene is back in season one when Nancy is watching her sex tape with Judah), and even accidentally referred to Parker as "Mom" on the panel. It was clear that the love was mutual; Parker gushed about Parrish's talent in the final episode, calling it "one of the best pieces of acting I've ever seen."
  • Kohan joked about ruining Alexander Gould's childhood, as he was only 11 when the series started airing. Gould seems to have nothing but fond memories of playing Shane, though. He said, "I think I've loved every minute of playing Shane, who is such an extreme character in every sense of the word. With the show winding down, I'm just so glad to have had the experience. I think that Shane ends up in a really neat place."
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