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Weekend Box Office Results 2008-08-04 09:30:28

Box Office: The Batman Still On Top

For the third weekend in a row, The Dark Knight was No. 1 at the box office, narrowly beating The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor for the top spot. The Mummy earned about $42.5 million while The Dark Knight earned $43.8 million. Thanks to this win, The Dark Knight has just about crossed the $400 million line in domestic ticket sales.

Variety notes that most box office watchers had predicted this would be the weekend Batman would lose his crown, but I'm not all that surprised. The third addition to the silly action-adventure Mummy franchise failed to meet even the lowest critical expectations earning far worse reviews than the two before it.

Somewhat hilariously, Brendan Fraser now has two movies in the top five box office earners this week, as the 3-D adventure Journey to the Center of the Earth is holding strong at No. 5. So that would make him. . . a fairly hot box office commodity. Wow.

Elsewhere in the top five, Step Brothers came in third place and Mamma Mia! took fourth.

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.

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Allyace Allyace 8 years
I finally saw TDK on Sunday. Now that I have a life again I can do such things as spend 3 hours on a movie :). It was just amazing. From the very beginning until the end you were just on the edge of your seat. I really hope Heath at least gets nominated. I frequently found myself forgetting that it was him under that makeup. Aaron Ekheart (sp?) was great as Two Face too :). I've always loved everything Batman, but that one was just excellent. Chris Nolan should be proud and I hope he gets to make many more.
suziryder suziryder 8 years
I can't believe that Brendan Frasier has TWO of the top movies in the country right now. That's just bizarre and hilarious. Both movies look terrible and I'm surprised that The Mummy even made as much as it did. I'm so relieved it didn't beat out TDK!
uptown_girl uptown_girl 8 years
I saw Dark Knight because I can get passes for the movies through work, for $3 cheaper than the box office. But the passes are only for movies that have been out at least two weeks! Haha... I'll do anything to save a buck!
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
ehadams — I checked in with Fab and she quickly found a few similar-ish dresses, if you're interested. She found three: click here, here and here.
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I saw Step Brothers. I was ridiculous, but it was so funny that i laughed so hard i cried at times. Will Ferrell is hilarious!
ehadams ehadams 8 years
I saw it again this weekend. It was even better the second time- you can really watch and see all the foreshadowing and small details. Also I adore her dress in that picture above. Someone needs to find out what it is and where we can get a knockoff...
javsmav javsmav 8 years
I saw TDK yesterday. it was very good. I can't believe the Mummy did so well--who would pay money to see that movie? It looks so dumb.
MissMimz MissMimz 8 years
Go TDK Go! Best Movie in a Looooooooong Time!!!
raieven raieven 8 years
TDK will break Titanics record!
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