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Welcome to the Writers' Room, Thanks to the New York Times

Welcome to the Writers' Room, Thanks to the New York Times

Earlier this year, TV writers were in the news like never before — but, unfortunately, that's because they were on strike. So, what's it like when they're working? The New York Times has given us a peek, taking us inside the rooms where the writers come up with the dramatic scenes and witty one-liners that make television so great.

The story goes inside five different writers' rooms. Awesomely, each one belongs to a favorite show of mine: Flight of the Conchords, Weeds, Damages, How I Met Your Mother, and House.

Some fun facts: The Damages room includes a rescued puppy who barks every time a page comes out of the printer. The Mother staff chomps salt-and-vinegar potato chips, while the Weeds room is a sugar-free zone. House writers actually use a whiteboard a la their title character when he's working on a diagnosis, and the Conchords spend a large portion of their day looking up old music videos on YouTube.

I was impressed by the patchwork pattern of colored index cards in the Conchords room that reportedly tracks "every idea [they've] ever had in the last six months," as well as by the fact that Weeds writers aren't allowed to have their cell phones in the room. Overall, it's a cool glimpse into a side of the writing life that we viewers don't get to see very often. Go check it out, and then tell me: What TV show do you imagine has the coolest writers' room? (I've long thought it's probably The Office.)


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