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What's Buzzworthy: Action Movies

What's Buzzworthy: Action Movies

As I mentioned last week when I challenged you to Buzzworthy your favorite action movies, summertime feels like the best season to grab the popcorn, find some air-conditioning and get swept away by the blockbustery goodness of a high-octane flick. I can't wait to update my Netflix queue, since I forgot all about some of these oldies but greats.

The Rock
One of my personal favorites, Linda McP has this to say about her pick: "Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, and Ed Harris are perfectly cast in this film about domestic terrorism (all of San Francisco is held hostage by a deranged war hero played by Harris). Parts of the film are unrealistic, for sure, but the interplay between and among the characters makes this film a worthwhile pick. Connery just gets better as he ages!"

Kill Bill, Volume I
Another favorite of mine, this was chosen by tdamji who writes, "It's great to see a woman in a starring role in an action movie. There don't seem to be very many like that. Lucy Liu is great in this, as is Uma Thurman."

Several more if you

Top Gun
Sweet Tea picked this lovable oldie starring a young, hot Tom Cruise. She writes, "A classic action flick — never gets old."

Buzzworthied by both Hmorris and missyosigirl, who can forget Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves' collaborating to save a bus full of people from a fiery death?

The Seven Samurai
I should really check out this classic action movie from 1954, which was suggested by Fab_Kitty. Samurai movies often make fantastic action films with quality plots and characterization, what with all that courage and honor. Fab_Kitty says, "Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece Seven Samurai has enough training and fighting to satisfy action film enthusiasts. It's also a film with lovely cinematography, a thoughtful pace, and a moving narrative."

Check out the widget I made that includes all the bookmarked action movies!

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