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What's Buzzworthy: Comfort Movies

What's Buzzworthy: Comfort Movies

Wow, you all really blew me away with your response to my most recent Buzzworthy challenge about comfort movies. Your lists of trusty favorites were fantastic — but I really loved reading your descriptions of how and why the movies came to be your fallback films. It was so hard to pick some to list here, so I highly recommend reading through them all yourselves! Tough as it was to choose, here are just a few of the many that caught my eye:

The Princess Bride
Bookmarked by Fab_Kitty, who wrote: "When stuck in bed on a sick day, I always watch The Princess Bride. In a fevered delirium, I also always giggle and think about how little Fred Savage and I are both escaping our illnesses through the endearing story of Wesley and Buttercup. Hooray for being easily amused!"

Party Girl
This Parker Posey movie was tagged by marcella, who said: "Great comfort movie with a hilarious Parker Posey as the title character that parties so much that she can't afford to pay her rent. She gets a job as a librarian. It's totally a trashy film, but I turn to it when I want to turn my brain off and just laugh."

More great choices and one giant widget with all the picks when you

Now and Then
PinkUnicorn picked this movie, which is another one of my own reliable favorites. She wrote: "The ultimate comfort movie! I love the exploration of how women's relationships with each other evolve over time. Plus it is simple yet touching. I have memorized every line!"

Being There
Phil picked out this movie, saying: "Every comfort movie needs a comforting figure. And to me, none can be more comforting than Chance, better known as Chauncy Gardener.

This movie is great in the sense that you can accept it at any frequency. Whether if I'm in an overly contemplative mood and want to think and run around in a circle in my mind, this movie works. But, only when I turn off and just appreciate the film for its hilarious scenes and misconceptions do I really appreciate Hal Ashby's brilliant little satire."

Dead Poets Society
scorpstarr77 picked a movie that's had a huge impact on her life: "This movie is the reason I was an English major in college, the reason I decided to become a teacher, and the reason I fell head over heels for Josh Charles at a young age. I find it uplifting and inspiring, and also devastating — always there when I need a good cry!"

Home Alone
This old standby was picked by komler, who sounds like she'll be pulling the movie out again not too long from now: "Home Alone is one of the movies that I watch every year around Christmas — or when I want it to be Christmas and be around my family."

Finding Nemo
Here's how Phasekitty explained why she's partial to this Pixar flick: "My boyfriend loves horror movies, but when I watch them I get scared and have trouble falling asleep. He knows now that if he wants to see a scary movie with me, all he has to do is have this movie on standby that night. A little Finding Nemo to take my mind of the aliens, serial killers, zombies, and vampires and I'm sleeping like a baby."


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