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What's Buzzworthy: Embarrassing Movies to Watch With Parents

What's Buzzworthy: Embarrassing Movies to Watch With Parents

Last week I invited you all to Buzzworthy the movies you've watched with your parents (or grandparents, or in-laws) that just made you cringe, slump down in your seat, or pretend to yawn, stretch and call it a night. There were some great Buzzworthied DVDs, as well as many comments about embarrassing movie experiences. Check out some of the titles bookmarked by Buzz readers, and then a few "highlights" (if you can call them that!) from the comments section of last week's Buzzworthy challenge.

Wedding Crashers
Selected by gruaig_rua, among other commenters. gruaig_rua says, "The scene where Isla Fisher's character goes under the dinner table......cringe!!!"

I couldn't agree more with this selection from Fab_Kitty, who writes "I love this movie, but can't think of any flick more embarrassing to watch with older family members. Be sure Grammy knows this movie isn't about a sweet Doris Day-type heroine!"

More embarrassment if you

As Mainly Obsessed says, this movie needs no explanation. It's simply NSFWWP (Not Suitable For Watching With Parents).

Eyes Wide Shut
Linda McP has this to say about her pick, "Definitely a Kubrick study-in-humanity film and definitely one that is difficult to watch with anyone...especially Mom and Dad! Keep your eyes wide OPEN and be sure you are watching with someone with whom you can have a philosophical discussion about the merits of the film afterwards."

Now for some classic stories from the comments section:

From shy_baby:
"A couple of months ago I went to the Jamie Foxx concert with my boyfriend and his parents. Talk about UNCOMFORTABLE, Jamie was so explicit with his jokes and his songs were pretty much all about sex. And to top it off he had very scantily clad dancers popping and dropping like strippers. I would have enjoyed the concert if I wasn't so concerned about how my bf's parents were feeling, LOL."

From swwonder:
"Not a movie but Sex and the City.
Oh and I watched the south park movie with my uncle, if you've seen it and heard the first song you'll get the discomfort."

From Carebear144:
"I made the mistake of watching Jarhead with my parents, and the scene where Jake Gyllenhaal is dancing around with only a Santa hat covering him up was excruciating. Also, I watched Monster's Ball with my parents, and the sex scene between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton is uncomfortable enough on its own, but it was unbearable with my parents in the room!"

From spacebear:
"Meet the Fockers was so difficult to watch! Each time I laughed I thought my mom was looking at me like "how does she know that?" and the same was going on vice versa!
Unfaithful was SO uncomfortable. We didn't talk about it and when we got home my sister asked how the movie was and my mom just answered 'it was a lot of humping'"

From sigmaration:
"I once watched American Beauty with my parents... and the sex scene between Carlolyn and the real estate guy was bad enough... but then the phone rang in the middle, my mom paused the DVD, RIGHT DURING THAT SCENE.... so we all stared uncomfortably at a still shot Annette Benning with her legs splayed in the air while she was gettin' it from the real estate guy. For like 20 minutes. It was a nightmare."

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