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What's Buzzworthy? Foodie Movies

What's Buzzworthy? Foodie Movies

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed this weekend's new romantic drama No Reservations, all about a chef at a fancy New York restaurant. My enjoyment wasn't entirely dependent upon the fact that there was food involved, but I have found that I am often drawn to movies that include luscious shots of delicious-looking food. Even better are those movies, like Waitress, that use food as a kind of structural device (Keri Russell's character thinks up new pies that reflect what's going on in her life).

So for this week's Buzzworthy challenge, tell me: What are your favorite foodie movies? In addition to Waitress, I also love Big Night and Mystic Pizza, so I've started things off by bookmarking those movies, too. Using Buzzsugar's cool bookmarking tool, just bookmark your own favorites and tag them with the phrase foodie movies. Don't be alarmed when they're added to my widget below, that's just what happens!

I'll post some readers' picks here next week. You can also now make a list of your picks. Here are mine:

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To find out how to create a Buzzworthy bookmark,

Don't worry: TeamSugar makes it easy to bookmark and capture anything on the Web that you consider "Buzzworthy." If you already have a "That's Fab" button on your browser's tool bar, you can use that to bookmark your Buzzworthy items. If you don't have the TeamSugar bookmarking button on your toolbar, you can learn how to get it by watching this video.

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Join The Conversation
GeikoSera GeikoSera 9 years
Don't forget "Tampopo"!!!
partysugar partysugar 9 years
As you could have guessed I LOVE foodie movies and cant wait to see Waitress.
akaaks86 akaaks86 9 years
Like Water for Chocolate is excellent. Also Babette's feast is a great food pick as well.
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
Maria84 — Waitress is SUCH a wonderful movie, I highly recommend it! But you'll have to wait until September 11 for the DVD, unfortunately.
Maria84 Maria84 9 years
OH I really want to watch waitress. Is it out on DVD already?
amandaaa amandaaa 9 years
yiddidea yiddidea 9 years
I can never see the items in the widgets. :(
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
don't watch Simply Irresistible. It's simply TERRIBLE!
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 9 years
NOTHING CAN BEAT CHOCOLAT johnny depp n chocolate *drool*
KAEB06 KAEB06 9 years
Waitress was so good....
thatsvy thatsvy 9 years
ooooh, considering i'm a foodie myself... my favorites are... Spanglish Simply Irresistible Ratatouille great movies!
GirlC GirlC 9 years
I loved Waitress.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 9 years
"Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" is a delectable movie! And "Soul Food" is pretty tasty, too.
mizlynz mizlynz 9 years
I'm not seeing the list of foodie movies and I'm not sure why.
sofi sofi 9 years
my hunny introduced me to Big Night and I just fell in love with it. Such a good one.
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