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What's Buzzworthy: Movies With Great Costumes

What's Buzzworthy: Movies With Great Costumes

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday and costuming and masquerade, I made this week's Buzzworthy challenge all about movies with great costumes, and the results were dazzling! I feel the need to check out each of these movies all over again just to get some inspiration for my own Halloween costume this year. Below are some of the bookmarked movies that I chose to highlight and then a widget including all of the selected titles.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bookmarked by gruaig_rua, Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic costume movie! That sleek black dress, the gloves, and the pearls have become iconic in cinematic — and pop culture — history.

The Last Emperor
Bookmarked by Fab_Kitty who writes "The costumes in this thoughtful, sumptuous movie are amazing. I have no clue whether they are historically and/or culturally accurate, but each item of clothing is clearly designed to finest detail."

Several more titles if you

Moulin Rouge
Bookmarked by both missyosigirl and WhiplashGirlchild, Whip writes: "The costumes and set were my favorite things about this movie." I have to agree. The costumes in this film are boldly colored and lush.

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert
bookmarked by WhiplashGirlchild, who says, "Seriously, how could a drag queen movie NOT have fabulous costumes?" So true, so true. So many colors and fabrics and flowers and feathers!

Bookmarked by mabess who writes, "I love this movie mostly because of David Bowie's crazy outfits. They're weird and wild, but they're totally his style. I love the hair, the crazy eye makeup, and I also envy Jennifer Connelly's adorable casual look, too. It's all definitely old school and out there, but always fun."

Marie Antoinette
This title was bookmarked by Kerry G who has quite the eye for fashion. There is actually not very much dialogue in this film, which is just fine by me because I'd be distracted by the outrageously beautiful and candy-colored costumes. I'm glad this film won the Oscar for Best Costumes this year.

Tristan and Isolde
tdamji's pick features stunning costumes in lush colors and fabrics. She even linked to a site that has some beautiful stills from the movie, which takes place during a period of lords and ladies, royalty and chivalry. Swoon!

Here are everyone's picks!

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