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What's Buzzworthy: Young Adult Novels

What's Buzzworthy: Young Adult Novels

Many thanks to all of you who participated in this week's Buzzworthy challenge to bookmark your favorite young adult novels! I now have a super long list of titles I can turn to when I need that special brand of teen angst, raw emotion and fluttery first love that always manages to comfort me and cut me to the quick at the same time.

Most notably, it looks like our resident YA librarian, smart blonde is the lady to ask for YA novel suggestions! Each of the titles she bookmarked looks intriguing and I can't wait to put her advice to good use.

I've picked out some titles to highlight below, but be sure to check out all the suggestions in the widget after the jump. They're all worth adding to your "to-read" list!

His Dark Materials
This trilogy includes the book on which the upcoming movie The Golden Compass is based, and several Buzz readers recommend folks read these books. scorpstar77 writes, "They are so much deeper than your standard kids fantasy books — inventing an unusually creative and incredible world that is the setting for a deep and thoughtful story." DCStar also bookmarked the trilogy and menthaddict bookmarked The Golden Compass.

Yikes! I guess I should be reading these Twilight books! Bookmarked by menthaddict, mabess, DCStar and sweetpeabrina, apparently "you'll be turning pages until your arm sags" (says menthaddict).

Many more young adult novel suggestions if you

At least one if not all three of these Scott Westerfeld novels were chosen by scorpstar77, sweetpeabrina and Daisie who writes, "These are quick and engaging reads from Westerfeld. While the target is teens, as an adult I enjoyed them for both the imagery and the lessons they teach...These books are sure to please Sugar readers!"

All of smart blonde's suggestions look excellent, though this one really caught my eye, for some reason. smart blonde writes "There's both substance AND style here, and the message that you might not be good at what you set out to do, but that discovery might lead to something even better."

Children of the River
FabKitty describes her pick as "A touching romance about a refugee from the bloodthirsty Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia who falls in love with an American boy."

Making Out #1: Zooey Fools Around
The Making Out series was bookmarked by Phasekitty who writes "If you're a fan of Gossip Girl and other melodramatic teens with complicated love lives, these books are definitely worth a look!"

I Was a Teenage Fairy
I will definitely check out this book because a) this title is amazing, and b) it's recommended by tdamji, whose taste I trust! She writes, "This novel is the epitome of magic-realism, in which Barbie meets a fairy named Mab. This is a delightful tale for young and old alike that will put a smile on anyone's face."

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