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What Do You Want From a Third Season of Mad Men?

Mad Men will be getting a third season on AMC — though creator Matthew Weiner is still in negotiations to determine whether he'll return — and that means we'll be watching another year in the life of Sterling Cooper. Back at the TCA press tour, Weiner suggested he has a five-year plan for the series that would end in 1968, so presumably a third season could mean another time jump (though even at the time Weiner said nothing was set in stone).

This season of Mad Men has focused more on the characters' home lives than on the office. I think it would make sense for a third season to shift the entire dynamic back to the workplace and focus in on office politics. Duck is in position to shake things up and I'd really like to see Peggy move far enough up the ladder to a point where she's landing business. There's also plenty to resolve from this season that may not be wrapped up by the Oct. 26 finale, including the fate of Betty and Don's marriage.

I'm wondering: What would you want to see in a third season of the show?

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Whitfield517 Whitfield517 8 years
I would also like to see more of Don and Betty when they first meet. In the scene where Don tells the wife of the real Don Draper that he meet a girl he seems so happy, I would like to see more of that couple and then slowly show us when and why things started to change. I think the idea about Betty killing herself is a good one (all be it dark and sad) Betty has something inside of her that is just evil and sad, so she needs to deal with it or die :) :) I think Pete is dark and weird. I hope they never change that it adds something to the show that Pete with is boy like look could be a "mad man" truly.
Ellelque Ellelque 8 years
Pinky Tuscadero! What cosmic world we live in. I was riding in the car today and "Tumbling In" came on the radio and I was thinking to myself of Susie Quatro and how she had played as Leather Tuscadero! Small world. I want Pete to find out he has a baby out there. I want to see Peggy finally find a good guy. I want Sal to venture more out of the closet (Sorry Kitty). I want Ken to fall in love, Paul to grow up. I want Don to tell his wife about Dick Whitman and see where the chips fall. I really want Jaon to leave the sex abuser Doc, and discover she is more that just a body. I want her to break a glass cieling too.
carsta carsta 8 years
I want more Pete Campbell! I find him interesting and touching and I have grown to feel so much love for the character. Whenever he is on my tv-screen he is liven things up. He just make me smile with all the wicked and strange things he does. With that said, I hope they go back to season 1 mode with Don Draper. I love Peggy, so I hope it´s more success for her. And I want to know what happened to her son. Please don´t waste half the episodes on Betty. I mean. She can be there, but it´s not "The Betty show". She bores the life out of me. Give her screen-time to Salvatore and Roger and Joan. Where have they been this season?
jadenirvana jadenirvana 8 years
My ideal scenario: Roger dies. In a last sentimental grand gesture, he leaves his share of the company to Joan. Joan ditches her douche fiance, charms the Brits, and turns the ad agency into an international sensation. It is renamed "Joan Holloway." Peggy becomes Creative Director, and all of the men become secretaries. Peggy and Ken get married (how cute!) Kurt does Peggy's hair and is Maid of Honor. Betty and Helen move in together and form a Boston Marriage. They smoke cigarettes and discuss Betty Friedan all day. Eventually, Betty's hooker friend resurfaces and the three women start running a modeling agency. Bobby Barret and Betty make peace, and Bobby becomes the manager and turns the agency into a huge success. Don becomes a hot rod driver and remarries Anna for good.It turns out Don's brother is not really dead and he comes to live with them. Pete and Trudi get divorced, and Jane is devastated that Roger left everything to Joan in his will, so she marries Pete, thus ensuring she meets a horrible fate and everyone lives happily ever after.
ildergreier ildergreier 8 years
Helluen, I am new here. Already looking for the third season. 1. Don Draper is the most sexy man on television, a tortured soul that has a heart inside. 2. Tired of the Betty/Don thing and want to know more about Joan and Peggys, but I hope next year is more about the office and not privatelives more over. 3. Both Jane and Joans fiance should burn in hell.
Lysa1237 Lysa1237 8 years
I would like to see how Don and Betty fell in love, I kinda want them to get back together dunno why but I do. I'm happy that the show will return next year, I will still watch it if Matthew W. is gone, I hope not because he is part of what makes the show great, he will trully be missed if he does not returns. I also believe that they should have 50/50 half work, half Personal story arcs, most likely S.C since the merger thing is up in the air, poor bert I think when he voted yes, I could see he put a nail on his coffin, dunno why but I don't see them getting diamonds on their doorknobs soon like they think. LOVE THE SHOW :)
ruffrebbe ruffrebbe 8 years
betty is used up. he only married betty to be in with that crowd. but now he realizes that betty is superficial and part of an existence that is not what he wants. now that he knows who he real bring don back from cal.
ruffrebbe ruffrebbe 8 years
i feel as this is all about advertising on madison ave. how can they take the main character and put him in st. pedro as a blue collar worker. when he's a tremendous advertising maven, how could they take him out of the picture. hopefully this is only a momentary phase. i like seeing him in control, but i do like seeing him with more emotion. i feel that betty is very childish and should be written off from don. and i feel that he should marry anne the real mrs. draper, b/c he has a real friendship with her.
desidesi desidesi 8 years
i think season 2 should end with betty draper's suicide. she can't act and it's distracting. also, i'd like to see don deal with being a widower and being a single parent. also, it needs more pete and peggy
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
A third season of Mad Men will be great, but only if Weiner is on board. In it, I'd like to see a balance between the personal and the professional, especially with a focus on the women as they progress through the 60s and I'd also like some focus on the social and political aspects of the decade (racial tension, the Vietnam war, etc.) as they influence work and family life. Like others, I'd also like to learn more about Betty and Don's courtship and life before kids. And, speaking of the kids, I'd like to see how they grow and react to the personal, political and social changes in their lives as well. Even though they are young, they're smart kids who are quite aware of what's happening in their world.
popsplenda popsplenda 8 years
I have loved this show from day one however, the last few episodes have been kind of lackluster. It seems like the story lines just don't go anywhere. I would love to see more action in the office with account drama and more story lines actually progressing. I'm pretty over the trip to California. More Betty. And I agree with Pinky Tuscadero (great name) more Sal and Joan. Did anyone else notice how much the girl in California sounded like Betty? It is weird how similar their voices sound.
emms emms 8 years
I agree with pinky, I would like to see less of Peggy. She is totally boring and aren't the completely delusional characters supposed to be interesting? ALTHOUGH, if they continue to dig into her character, I'd really like to see the honest reactions of her family when they find out she had a baby, was in denial about being pregnant, and they decide to raise it. I swear, this show skips over a lot of the good parts of the story lines. I think it's intentional but c'mon, we want to see some shit go down! Also, I would like to see Peggy get a friggin new hair style. Her hair is hideous. I know it's the 60's but Betty's hair is cute! All the secretary's hair do's are cute except Peggy's. Yuck! I want to see more of Betty Draper. I can't get enough of her! I'd like to see flashbacks of when her and Don fell and love and were newly married. I would like to see what it was like when they were happy. I'd like to a woman really put Don in his place, whether it be Betty or a mistress- but that won't happen because of the time period.
skiwi skiwi 8 years
I'd like see more of Peggy dealing with her baby. And omgosh, who else is excited to see Jon Hamm host SNL next week?! I've only seen him in serious roles so it should be intersting! :)
pinky-tuscadero pinky-tuscadero 8 years
I would like to see more of Joan and more Sal. I'm tiring already of Peggy. So less of her is more for me. But if Weiner doesn't come back, I will not watch. I agree with Taadie that it will be just like GG all over again. AMC needs to thank their lucky stars that HBO passed on Mad Men. Just give him whatever he asks for.
Taadie Taadie 8 years
I guess theoretically its true that Don Draper is not the be all end all, but I know I get feeling in my stomach when I see him walk on screen. I'd throw myself at him. Anyway, if they have a third season I think I want it to be more of a balance between work and personal lives and specifically focusing on Peggy and how shes going to become what shes meant to be. Also more on Pete and his wife. But if Matt Weiner doesnt come back I dont know if this show will be the same. Like when the head writers left the Gilmore Girls. It was just missing something.
Marci Marci 8 years
I'd like to see just one woman not throw herself at Don Draper. He's not THAT great.
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
From all the talk it seems like a good show but I've never seen it. I'd hate to have to get cable just to watch decent TV.
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