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What Happened on Breaking Bad Season 5

6 Things You Need to Remember Before the Breaking Bad Premiere

You might think you're ready for the season premiere of Breaking Bad, but it's even more likely that you're a little hazy on the details from last season — I know I was. It's been almost a full year since we last saw Walt and Jesse, so I've put together a cheat sheet on the most important things you need to get refreshed on before the premiere.

  1. Hank is finally on to Walt. During a family BBQ, Hank rummages through the magazine stack in Walter's bathroom and finds the copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass with an inscription referring to Walter White as the "other W.W." He then realizes that Walt was in cahoots with Gale at the time of Gale's death. Dun dun dun.
  2. Jesse doesn't know Mike is dead. It's hard to forget the scene in which Walt shoots and kills Mike, but don't forget that Jesse is still in the dark. In the midseason finale, Walt simply tells Jesse that Mike is "gone." Jesse accepts it as fact, but it can't be long before the truth comes out.
  3. Todd has killed a young boy. After helping Walt and Jesse with the freight train heist, the guys realize a young boy has been playing nearby. Before they can even discuss how to proceed, Todd shoots and kills the boy, which proves to be very distressful for Jesse and will likely continue to mess with his psyche.
  4. Walt makes a deal with Lydia. In exchange for the names of Mike's henchman, Walt agrees to let Lydia sell his meth overseas in the Czech Republic. Lydia is still around for the final batch of episodes, so I'm thinking this transaction doesn't go as smoothly as she was hoping.
  5. Walt gives Jesse $5 million. After Jesse tells Walt that he's done cooking meth, Walt visits with Jesse and leaves him with a bag filled with cold, hard cash. It doesn't seem to do much to ease Jesse's duress and guilt.
  6. Walt might still have cancer. Walt's disease is pushed back to the forefront in the midseason finale, when we see him undergo an MRI — however, we're still not entirely sure if the cancer is back.
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