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What Will Happen, Will Happen: Whiplash's Post-Lost Theory

The following post is from BuzzSugar Community member Whiplash who posted it in the LOST fans group.

One of the most common complaints that I've heard about the LOST finale was that we didn't find out what happened to Hurley, Ben, Desmond, Claire, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Frank and Richard afterward.

I know that Darlton left the ending open to interpretation, and I've been giving this a lot of thought. So here is my interpretation of how those characters ended up. I'd like to hear your thoughts as well.

  • Hurley became the new Jacob for many, many long years. But instead of being mysterious like Jacob, he was very direct. He could leave the island at times, just like Jacob could. He let the island inhabitants come and go at will as well. And then, when it was time for Hurley to find his replacement, instead of orchestrating a plane crash, he just found the candidates and was very direct with them. "Dude, do you want to protect a magic island for the next millennium?"
  • Ben became the new Richard. He helped Hurley protect the island and finally found a degree of peace by being able to remain on the island that he loved. But he never forgave himself for allowing Alex to get killed, for killing Locke, or for all the other wrongdoings he did.

For more of Whiplash's ideas on what happened to the Lost characters


  • Desmond left the island, because Hurley allowed it. He spent the rest of his life happily with Penny and little Charlie.
  • Kate brought Claire back and helped her get to know Aaron again. Claire eventually lost the crazy and became a pretty good mom to Aaron. She and Kate stayed close. Kate also stayed close to Sawyer, but they never had a romantic relationship. Instead, she helped him reconnect with Cassidy, and he met his daughter Clementine. He and Miles were good friends for many, many years. Miles continued to read deaths for money, but did it for the cops instead of for selfish reasons.
  • Frank said "Eff this, I'm retiring."
  • But I can't figure out what happened to Richard. I kind of think that he moved to the mountains somewhere and just lived the rest of his life in a little cottage, basically alone, but at peace.

What do you think happened to the characters?

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