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What Love Is: The Year's Worst-Looking Film

Most likely, you haven't heard about What Love Is, and that's probably because the people involved are ashamed. Well, I'm here to inform you about it and to speculate as to how movies like this ever get made. It truly baffles me that, at the completion of this movie, after everything wrapped and the editing was done, someone sat back and said, "Yup, that's it: Perfection!"

The most hilarious part is that, at some point, the filmmakers had extremely overzealous hopes for this movie, which will open quietly this Friday. Allow me to present this nugget from the production notes:

"What Tom says to Sara in that final moment will not only go down as one of the all-time classic moments in filmmaking history, but it will not leave a single dry eye in the house."

Um. Not likely.

That's not even the half of it, so

In summary: Tom Riley (Cuba Gooding Jr.) goes home to propose to his girlfriend Sara on Valentine's Day night, only to find that she's left him but will be coming back to the house to pick up her remaining suitcases. Problem is, Tom invited his buddies (Matthew Lillard alert!) over to celebrate what he thought would be his new engagement. So, the buddies arrive and, in their dudely wisdom, offer advice on what to do about Sara. Here I must defer again to the outrageous production notes:

As more and more testosterone flows and more and more alcohol is consumed these five men work themselves up into such a frenzy that finally when there is a knock on the door nobody knows what to do! Everyone freezes except Tom, who is forced to gather up his courage once again and open the front door to confront Sara... only it's not Sara... it's five drop-dead gorgeous women standing in his doorway and asking him... "Is this where the Valentine's party is?" (Apparently Sal invited some women from back at the bar to join the party!)

The many ellipses are not my own, by the way.

I can't really stomach much more of this, so please, just watch the trailer and witness this cinematic treasure for yourself.

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