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What to Netflix: New DVD Tuesday

Ready to ring in the New Year with a few movies to watch at home? I've got some fresh picks for you — and more than one is perfect for a good scare!

Paranormal Activity

If you're anything like me, then you might have been intrigued, but too terrified to see Paranormal Activity in theaters. Now that it's on DVD, perhaps you'll feel braver about checking out the Blair Witch Project-esque film that features "lost" footage of a couple as they are tormented by other-worldly elements in their home. The movie had one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns of all time earlier this year, so it might be worth checking out just to finally see for yourself what all your friends have been talking about.

DVD extras include an alternate ending and a downloadable digital copy of the film.


See two more releases when you


Jennifer's Body

Written by Juno's Diablo Cody, Jennifer's Body follows a demonized high school student (Megan Fox) as she devours her fellow male classmates after an unfortunate run-in with a Satan-worshipping band. Fox was a bit more than I could stand, but I loved Amanda Seyfried as the geeky best friend who tries to take Jennifer down. It's neither terrifying nor hilarious, but Jennifer's Body might be a good pick if you're looking for a little something mindless to rent — or if you're interested in seeing Adam Brody all done up in eyeliner.


DVD extras include Cody's audio commentary.



While it's definitely not the cheeriest animated film of the year, this story of a handmade robot who takes on a giant, villainous machine is surprisingly uplifting despite its darker, sometimes creepy appearance (no doubt due to the influence of producer Tim Burton). Voiced by such famous names as Elijah Wood and Jennifer Connelly, 9 is a creative and quirky choice for your weekend watching — and if nothing else, it's at least very cool to look at.

DVD extras include an audio commentary with writer/director Shane Acker and the original short film on which the full-length feature version is based.


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