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Nightflyers: A New Look at George R. R. Martin's Terrifying Sci-Fi Show Is Here

If stomach-turning Game of Thrones moments like the Red Wedding and the mutiny against Jon Snow still freak you out, you might want to sit down: George R.R. Martin has a new show coming to SyFy, and it looks terrifying. The first trailer for Nightflyers opens with a splatter of blood on the wall of a space station, before Gretchen Mol's Dr. Agatha Matheson reveals, "It was a warning, not a distress call." Uh-oh.

The sci-fi series is based on Martin's 1980 novella of the same name, which was actually adapted into a film in 1987. The 2018 version of the story promises just as many deep space horrors, following eight scientists and one exceptionally powerful telepath as they board The Nightflyer and head out on a mission that soon takes a turn for the worse. According to Martin, who makes an appearance in the trailer, "Nightflyers is a haunted house story on a starship. It's Psycho in space."

The footage offers us a glimpse of the "acres" of elaborate sets SyFy built for the show, so even if there aren't any dragons, you can expect high production values for this space adventure. If that sounds like something you'd be into, take a look at the brand new trailer, below.

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