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2Chris4Chris 2Chris4Chris 5 years
I cn see why NYC22 is being cancelled I saw maybe one or two comericals and that was it but just recently I happened to stumble across two episodes and they were good!  I wish networks gave more shows a chance cuz with other shows ending or just other factors can boost the rating views!  I don't know why Secret Circle is being cancelled!  Love that show!  Glad the Middle, Supernatural, Revenge and Scandel are back!  Some of these shows I won't make the new day change with them!  Two and Half Men, I only watched to see if Ashton could pull it off!   I hate the direction they are going with Alan!  and Jake is hardly there!  Yeah I'm good on them!
Laronda2720677 Laronda2720677 5 years
yes once upon a time is back i am absolutely in love with this series at least ther's one 'gold' lining.
Laronda2720677 Laronda2720677 5 years
are theyreallly serious about secret cirle i love that show and a bunch of my friends love it as welll what is CW' thinking!!!!!!! this is sooo unforgivable ...uggggghhhhhhhh
JJgirl JJgirl 5 years
I really liked the finder it was an unique show.  Smash is horrible how is that back.  GCB was just starting to grow on me.  The last episode was pretty good. I love HIMYM but it is starting to drag out.  Glad OUAT got renewed the second season should be interesting. 
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 5 years
Really, ABC? You've made me sick. 
letter2elise letter2elise 5 years
So unfortunate that some of these shows are canceled. I liked Finder and Awake. I can't believe Whitney renewed another season. It's about time CSI: Miami is over!  
glitterandgold glitterandgold 5 years
Yay for Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Family Guy, Modern Family, Revenge, and Fringe!!! Breaking Bad is also coming back...what about Sons of Anarchy?
jesssa jesssa 5 years
happy that all my shows are coming back [30 Rock, Smash, Happy Endings, Once Upon a Time] and have to admit, I thought some of the shows on this list were already over [Private Practice, 90210] and a good chunk had never heard of lol
jobbingmom jobbingmom 5 years
Sad that Alcatraz is down ;-(    It really makes me not to want to watch TV any more, not before a series has "survived" one season and I know that it would not suffer a totally vague ending
vick-ie vick-ie 5 years
I liked the "finder" and "breaking in". They were the few shows that i watch.. at least the other two show i watch werent cancelled.
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
Hate that 30Rock will be in it's final season.
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