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When you think of sexy TV scenes, what comes to mind? Meredith accidentally losing her panties after sleeping with Derek on Grey's Anatomy? David Caruso's Detective Kelly baring his butt with Amy Brenneman on the premiere of NYPD Blue? Melrose Place's Amanda having her way with Grant on her office desk?

Those scenes have made Buffy the Vampire Slayer scene where Buffy and Spike beat each other up as foreplay as the steamiest scene of all time.

That one doesn't really surprise me, nor does the No. 2 pick: Kate and Sawyer's cage-sex from Lost in 2006. But there are a couple that seemed out of place — like the scene from the first episode of Saving Grace last Summer where we meet Holly Hunter's character buck naked and mid-tryst. Sure, it was hot, but it's not like we knew the characters yet — and I think TV sex scenes seem steamier the longer you've been waiting for them.

Then again, I might consider putting the initial Nate Fisher/Brenda Chenoweth sex-in-the-closet scene from Six Feet Under on my list, as well as the car wash interaction Ally has with a stranger in the Season Three premiere of Ally McBeal. What about you? Do you you agree or disagree with the TV Guide picks? And what's missing? To see TV Guide's full list, just


  1. Buffy and Spike beat each other up before sex, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2001.
  2. Kate and Sawyer do it in his cage, Lost, 2006.
  3. Meredith loses her panties, Grey's Anatomy, 2006.
  4. Father Ralph and Meggie sin on the beach, The Thorn Birds, 1983.
  5. Maddie and David finally give in to each other, Moonlighting, 1987.
  6. Grace's naked introduction, Saving Grace, 2007.
  7. Det. John Kelly and Janice Licalsi show their backsides, NYPD Blue, 1993.
  8. Number Six and Dr. Baltar's alien/human encounter, Battlestar Galactica, 2004.
  9. Amanda and Jake's office-desk sex, Melrose Place, 1994.
  10. Cherie and Shane's poolside romp, The L Word, 2007.

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