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What TV Shows Would Make Good Movies?

Buzz In: Which TV Shows Would Make Good Movies?

There's been lots of scuttlebutt lately that Friends could finally go the way of Sex and the City and make its way to the big screen. Ever since the rumor resurfaced, reps for both the studio and the actors have been busily denying it, but it's still an interesting thing to think about: Can you really imagine seeing the Central Perk crew back together again? I don't think I can picture it — but then, I don't know if I could have imagined a big-screen SATC, either, and it's made more than $350 million in theaters worldwide.

Rumors also come up from time to time about a big-screen reunion of The Sopranos or The Wire, though none of them seems to have much credibility behind it. On the other hand, though, the Arrested Development movie really seems like a good possibility now, with various cast members confirming all over the place that a deal is in the works.

Are there other series that you think could successfully leap to the big screen? And, on the other hand, are there some that you think would just never work as films?


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