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Game of Thrones
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What to TiVo: Sunday

  • Fox has repeats of "'Til Death," "King of the Hill," "The Simpsons," "American Dad," and two episodes of "Family Guy"
  • NBC is new with "Dateline" and has repeats of "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: SVU"
  • CBS is new with "Big Brother" and has repeats of "Cold Case" and "Shark"
  • ABC has repeats of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters"
  • The CW has repeats of "7th Heaven" and "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll"
  • USA is new with "The 4400" and "The Dead Zone"
  • MTV is new with "Cribs"
  • VH1 is new with "Rock of Love," "Hogan Knows Best" and "Scott Baio is 45 and Single"
  • Spike is new with "The Kill Point"
  • Lifetime is new with "Side Order of Life," "State of Mind" and "Army Wives"
  • FX has repeats of "Damages" and "Rescue Me"
  • A&E is new with the premiere of "The Two Coreys"
  • Comedy Central is new with "Mind of Mencia" and "American Body Shop"
  • E! is new with "The Simple Life Goes to Camp"
  • Sci Fi is new with "Who Wants to be a Superhero?"
  • HBO is new with "John from Cincinnati," "Entourage" and "Flight of the Conchords"
  • Showtime is new with "Meadowlands"
Join The Conversation
Neekoh Neekoh 10 years
Rock of Love is my new guilty pleasure. Scott Baio isn't bad either... man, I love VH1!!
KAEB06 KAEB06 10 years
It's Dateline and Rock of Love for me!
JLew1982 JLew1982 10 years
A&E moved Confessions of a Matchmaker to Sunday at 11 ET, new ep. tonight.
ToddMP06 ToddMP06 10 years
alillee alillee 10 years
yay Big Brother! I am loving it this season! Daniele and Dick all the way!!
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