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What's Your Number Trailer 2011-04-26 08:45:19

What's Your Number? Trailer: Anna Faris Has a Parade of Funny Exes

When I think of Anna Faris, I can't help but remember her most over-the-top movie roles (e.g. Just Friends), but she's refreshingly down to earth in the trailer for What's Your Number?. OK, so she's kind of a klutz and isn't afraid to fake a British accent to get a man, but overall she's charming as Ally, a woman who's had tons of boyfriends but can't find the right one. When a friend tells her that a long list of exes means she may never settle down, Ally starts to panic. Determined to keep her number of lovers under 20, she begins revisiting all her old relationships, which run the gamut from a puppeteer to her gynecologist.

One recognizable funny man after another turns up in this preview (Chris Pratt! Andy Samberg! Joel McHale!), but it's obvious from the start that the love story is between Ally and her neighbor Colin (Chris Evans), who's helping with her mission. Though it may be as predictable as any other romantic comedy, the preview had me laughing — and changing my tune about Faris's ability to play someone we can relate to. Watch it when you read more.

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