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What did you think of 30 Rock's Live Episode?

30 Rock's Live Episode — Love It or Leave It?

This week 30 Rock showed us a brand-new side of the show with a live episode. For the first time we actually got to bear witness to a TGS skit, and the episode came complete with guest stars (Jon Hamm! Matt Damon! Julia Louis-Dreyfus!) and a live audience laugh track.

The show was aired from the Saturday Night Live studio, so the sets weren't the same, and of course, the episode had an entirely different feel. I watched both East and West Coast feeds and I couldn't stop smiling. Overall, I thought the cast did a great job (though Tracy Morgan seemed to do a bit of actual breaking in the West Coast episode), and I loved the celebrity cameos. How did you feel about the experiment?

Image Source: NBC
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