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When It's Meredith Grey vs. Facebook, Meredith Wins

When It's Meredith Grey vs. Facebook, Meredith Wins

Is there a "Grey's Anatomy" effect on Facebook? Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz thinks so. The other day, he wrote that "150,000 Facebook users care more about Meredith than their friends," pointing out that traffic on the social networking site drops each Thursday around the time new episodes are airing on the East Coast. Moskovitz includes graphs of Facebook's traffic to prove it; to see the evidence,

I admit I don't really see the drop in the first graph, but it's pretty clear in the second one (at right). That graph shows little spikes of activity throughout the hour, which Moskovitz says are people logging in for a fix during commercial breaks. At the end of the hour, the traffic shoots back up again.

The effect apparently doesn't happen when "Grey's" is on in other time zones, maybe because East Coast users balance out the drop when they log back on. Regardless, it's funny to think that only "Grey's" can make us take a break from writing on each other's walls. Things should stay pretty steady tonight, though — "Grey's" is airing a repeat.

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CupcakeGal CupcakeGal 10 years
as a college student living 24/7 on facebook, i have to agree with this!! I wouldn't answer my friends's phone calls when Grey's anatomy is on, so facebook is the last thing on my mind..... for that hour at least!!
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 10 years
i wouldn't say that we care more about meredith than our friends, but facebook, duh!
SpartanGirl SpartanGirl 10 years
As a college student in the eastern time zone, and avid and addicted facebook user. I can honestly say that yes ... all facebooking with myself and my friends stops the minute the show is on. Then we'll all get on facebook later, and leave facebook wall messages to each other expressing our disbelief, excitement, sadness, anger or other emotion we felt during the show. I heart facebook and Grey's!!!
LuckyGrl-83 LuckyGrl-83 10 years
hahahaha... why am i not surprised!! strange how everything we do has a cause and effect...
vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
ha! This is both funny and sad....
SU3 SU3 10 years
haha.. that's hilarious! and I don't doubt it! that sucks about the repeat though! :(
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