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Life When Your Significant Other Is "Too Busy" For TV and Movies

Jun 17 2014 - 3:05am

On one of my first dates with my boyfriend, the persuasive guy told me about his obsession with TV binge sessions and movie matinees. In the three years since, I've discovered it was all a bold-faced lie, merely a sly attempt to convince me we were compatible when it came to entertainment consumption. Granted, it took awhile for his true colors to show. Eventually, he just wasn't "in the mood" to be in a "crowded, dirty" theater, or he didn't want to spend the night "cooped up on the couch" watching episode after episode. The excuses piled up as I slowly felt more out of touch with pop culture. If you find yourself in the same situation, keep scrolling, and let's get through this together.

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When He Deletes Your Favorite Show From the DVR

And You Refuse to Believe It

Then You Realize It's Not a Joke

And You Accidentally Read Spoilers on Facebook

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When He Asks Why You Watched His Favorite Show Without Him

When You Agree to Watch Episodes You Saw Months Ago

But You're Incredibly Bored

Of Course, He Doesn't Understand Recent Plot Twists

And Hits the Pause Button to Ask For Explanations

When He Makes Plans With Friends on Finale Night

And You Try to Talk Friends Into Watching It With You

When He Wants to Go to Bed Early the Night Orange Is the New Black Comes Out

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But You Don't Want Him to Be Behind . . . Again

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When He Still Isn't Ready the Next Day

When Everyone Talks About the Episodes You Missed at Work

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When Someone Dies on The Good Wife, and You Don't Know Who It Is

When He Tells You to Wait Before Starting a New Show

When He Pretends He Didn't Hear About a Movie You Mentioned

When He Promises You'll See Maleficent Before It Leaves Theaters

But No, Really

When He Misses an Obvious Pop Culture Reference

When He'd Rather Watch a Reality Show Than Mad Men

Source: Bravo [6]

When All of It Makes You Question His Integrity

And You Let Him Know He's Gone Too Far

So He Surprises You With Movie Tickets

And Gets You to the Theater on Time

And You Feel Like You're Falling in Love All Over Again

Sometimes, He'll Even Start a Conversation About Plot Theories

You're So Surprised That You Brag About His Effort

And You Both Live Happily Ever After

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