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Having recently seen the screenings of Superbad and Hot Rod and having also enjoyed Knocked Up earlier this summer, I have found myself wondering where the comedies written by, directed by or focusing on women have been hiding. Not counting younger fare like the Amanda Bynes-style comedies (the upcoming Sydney White, for example), where are the lady equivalents to Superbad, or even Blades of Glory? I really enjoyed Superbad, actually, but this summer feels like it's pretty heavy on the dude humor.

So I was intrigued to come across a Popwatch post yesterday which referred to an article in Siren Magazine asking these same questions. More specifically, the writer on Siren wonders why there aren't more star vehicle projects for some of the funny women who are out there right now, like Aisha Tyler, Amy Poehler, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Sedaris. I would add to that list some of my favorite funny ladies, like Isla Fisher, Maya Rudolph, Jenna Fischer, Cheryl Hines and even Kristen Bell.

Some of the best female-led comedies in recent years for me have been Waitress and Mean Girls, though for whatever reason neither of these movies has enjoyed the kind of success that movies like Knocked Up have had. The future looks bright, though: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are working on their comedy Baby Mama, and Isla Fisher will star in a Girl Scout-themed flick called The Cookie Queen. And, of course, there's the exciting news about the Shopaholic movie. Maybe this is just Judd Apatow's summer, and we'll get ours next year.

What about you? What funny ladies would you like to see given more meaty screen time?


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