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Where Everyone Ends Up at the End of True Blood

Aug 25 2014 - 11:00am

True Blood went out with a bang this week, and among the most shocking moments [1], there is a pleasant surprise: the characters (mostly) all get happy endings. Not only are the Hep-V-riddled drama and the Bill-and-Sookie story wrapped up, the final episode treats us to a fast-forward into the future, showing us where the characters are. If you gave up on the show long ago but are still curious about the characters' fates (or just want to go over what's up with Sookie again), take a look at where everyone ends up!


Jason — despite a season seven relapse with Jessica — finally finds his dream girl in Bridget, Hoyt's ex. While this is the second girlfriend of Hoyt's he's moved in on, Hoyt does marry Jessica, so I guess that's fair. They move fast: when we meet up with them a couple years after they meet, they've had three (three!) kids together, and Jason is the most adorable dad ever. While Bridget is obviously a late addition to the show (and I guess she seemed nice?), I'm just happy it wasn't Violet.

Jessica and Hoyt

Though Hoyt had come back to town with a girlfriend in tow, he couldn't resist his first love, Jessica, despite the fact that she'd been glamoured out of him previously. But true love is true love, and they get married in the series finale, and when we catch up with them a couple years later, they're still together, living in Bill's house.

Lafayette and James

Their first hookup is filled with drama, but Lafayette seems to get his wish about finally being happy. At the Thanksgiving table in the epilogue, he and James are sitting beside each other, looking like an in-love couple.

Eric and Pam

After imprisoning Sarah Newlin, Eric and Pam industriously use her blood to create "New Blood." As CEOs, they go public, and though they probably don't need to, they still run Fangtasia (with the bonus of cash cow Sarah in the basement).

Arlene and Keith

Clearly Arlene got over whether she could truly be with a vampire or not (she seemed particularly moved at Jessica and Hoyt's wedding [2]), because at the fast-forward Thanksgiving, she and Keith are sitting next to each other, kissing, like a normal couple.

Sarah Newlin

Sarah lives, much to our surprise, but she doesn't get off scot-free. After her blood is used for the cure and Eric and Pam's new product, she's fated to live in the Fangtasia basement as a tasty (and expensive) treat for vampires.

Sam and Nicole

Sam's struggle with leaving Bon Temps for Nicole and his child culminated in him leaving town previously, but he's back — at least for Thanksgiving. He and Nicole look to still be together, raising their daughter.

Andy and Holly

Holly and Andy are also still together at Thanksgiving, and we assume they finally tie the knot. It also looks like their kids end up together, too, which is kind of cute and definitely still weird.

Lettie Mae and Reverend Daniels

Another relationship that survives the tumult of the final season is that of Tara's mother and the Reverend. They're also seen happy at the Thanksgiving table — no V addiction apparent.


Sadly, Bill's one of the only main characters who doesn't get a happy ending. Sookie fulfills his wish for the true death, and he goes off into the sunset (er, middle of the night).


While part of us hoped she could end up with Eric since Bill was finally out of the picture, we learned that what she really wanted was a normal life, with babies and a future. She gets that — though we never get to see the lucky guy she ends up with.

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