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Everyone has something to hide in the new season of Big Love. With so much going on in the Big Love household, it's hard to guess who is hiding the most.

Could it be Barb? As the first wife, she acts as the caregiver of the household. She has mixed feelings about her complicated life, but tries desperately to hold the family together. Could she have the biggest secret?

How about Nicki? Bookended by Margene's youthful naivete and Barb's mainstream aspirations, Nicki fights hardest for The Principle. She is manipulative and is always able to get what she wants, even if it takes lying to her family to get it. Could she be living a double life?

Margene is less complicated than Nicki and more pliant than Barb. She has been a safe harbor for Bill. Though the other wives tend to write her off as inexperienced and unreliable, she typically responds with eagerness rather than indignation. Can she really be this simple?

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