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Which Do You Prefer: Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink?

There have been some pretty classic showdowns in my day — Bush vs. Gore, Jordin vs. Blake, Stewart vs. Colbert. But none have quite compared to this. Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross is taking on the crucial question for all fans of '80s teen comedies: Which is better: Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles?

In the mind of Ross, the answer's simple: Sixteen Candles wins hands-down, largely on the strengths of Jake Ryan, Anthony Michael Hall, and "that freaky dwarf lady from Poltergeist." But he also believes that guys drift toward the goofiness of Sixteen Candles, while women prefer the more romantic Pretty in Pink.

So, dear Buzz readers, where do you fall on this weighty question? And no, both is not an option. What, you thought I was going to make this easy for you?


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