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So, today's rumor that Gossip Girl could be getting a spinoff already seems a little sketchy — but that just means it's time for some more idle speculation on our part!

Let's imagine that the show comes back in its second season and does amazingly well in the ratings. Its fan base just keeps growing. And the CW starts thinking, "Well, hey, maybe it is time for that spinoff after all."

If that happened, which character(s) would you want to see lead the spinoff? Would you go with Jenny, who already holds down her own series of books? Or would you choose someone else entirely?

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bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
Georgina, for sure. I like Chuck the most but I think a spin-off would be overkill. But Georgina's presence was short-lived, so that'd be cool. On the other hand, that might be unfair since she's not a main character... Idk, I really don't want a Gossip Girl spin-off to be honest.
LOVErickii LOVErickii 9 years
i would have picked chuck but i want him to stay on gossip girl. chuck/blair are just too adorable!!
advo advo 9 years
advo advo 9 years
I have voted Jenny. Not because I like, I don't. Not because I find her character remotely interesting, I don't. But because then she would be off Gossip Girl. All the other characters should stay because together they make the awesome-ness of Gossip Girl!
MindayH MindayH 9 years
i would have voted Chuck if he wasn't so essential for GG
soulight soulight 9 years
I love Georgina and hope we see a lot more of her next season, but I think she's better when causing havoc in other people live that we already care about and root for. Chuck on the other can be a delight to watch in his own show.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
none, the ratings dont warrant a spin off.
givelivelove givelivelove 9 years
Georgina, of course!
laneylaney laneylaney 9 years
i would miss chuck bass too much if he departed from gg. i'm going with ms. sparks and her wild antics.
pinkmystic pinkmystic 9 years
Jenny's character already has her own book series... so that's why i picked her. If I'm not mistaken Jenny's book is called The It Girl and it takes placed in a boarding school.. blah blah blah...
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
I don't really think I'm ready for a spinoff yet. As a cast ensemble, I love them but I don't have a particular affinity for any one individual. I think the best bet is for Jenny to get a little less annoying and more sympathetic, then spin her off into The It Girl.
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 9 years
I voted for Lily and Rufus, just because I love them, but I'd still prefer to watch them just on Gossip Girl. As much as I love Chuck, I wouldn't want him on a spin-off, because I'd miss him too much on Gossip Girl. If Blair were in the spin-off with him, I'd actually probably abandon GG in favor of watching the spin-off because I think they're what I love so much about Gossip Girl in the first place. I wouldn't watch a spin-off it were Jenny centered. I think she's whiny and annoying and I just don't like her. I wouldn't watch Georgina either because I was over her character so quickly. I wouldn't mind Vanessa getting a spin-off, only because I can't stand her character and she wouldn't be on Gossip Girl anymore. I definitely wouldn't watch though. And as far as the other girls, I think they're pretty useless. None of them have a mind of their own so watching a spin-off with them would probably be pretty painful.
liladdieshudiva liladdieshudiva 9 years
Chuck & Blaire would be interesting in a spinoff. I love their characters.
Bisque Bisque 9 years
Voted for Georgina, but it was a close vote for her and Chuck. Although if the writers for the series follow the books, it could be little Jenny Humphrey, but when have they followed the books, really?
Disenchanted Disenchanted 9 years
I wouldn't want a spinoff, but the best choice I think would be Chuck.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
just say no! chuck would be the funniest to watch but he needs blair and nate. no spinoff.
k_izzle k_izzle 9 years
Georgina would have the most interesting spin off.
pargie pargie 9 years
Rufus & Lily! I love their story line. Rufus reminds me of Uncle Jesse from Full House.
KathleenxCouture KathleenxCouture 9 years
Jenny (in the books) gets her own series that is a spin off of GG called the It Girl so that is probably what will happen.
em113 em113 9 years
None. It's been one season. A spin-off is a ridiculous idea.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 9 years
NONE! I mean the show just started--the characters should stay with the show! Think about Addison leaving Grey's--that doesn't need to happen to GG. I guess if anyone I would say Georgina thought b/c she drove me crazy on the show so maybe if she had a spin-off she wouldn't be on GG anymore!! I don't think Jenny should--she irritates me as well!
Cherylish Cherylish 9 years
Jenny makes the most sense because they have books to follow to make a spin off, but I voted for Georgina because she was awesome on the show. I agree that Chuck is really awesome and probably could do a spin off justice but Gossip Girl wouldn't be the same without him.
supertramp supertramp 9 years
I voted for Chuck, but I would never want to see him off the show, he's the best character and belongs there with the rest of the upper eastsiders.
dannysf dannysf 9 years
It's all about Georgina!
Cris1192 Cris1192 9 years
CHuck deserves his spinoff! I don't like Jenny, she's so irritating...
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