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There's an interesting story brewing over at the CW, where the executive producer of the comedy The Game is re-pitching her show as an hour-long drama (or, technically, dramedy). The CW's basically getting out of the comedy business at the end of this TV season, but The Game's producers think reimagining it as a drama could be a way to keep it alive.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that TV shows switching genres is virtually unheard of, citing Ally, the short-lived comedy version of Ally McBeal. But I'm wondering if there are shows on TV that could actually work well in a different format. On Showtime, for example, both United States of Tara and Weeds are technically half-hour comedies, but I think they have enough heavy plotlines to work in an hour-long format. On the other side, I think I'd have preferred a half-hour, funnier 90210 spinoff to the version we got, and I actually wish the new version of Cupid had been developed that way, too.

Which shows could you picture working in a different genre? Or are the lines between drama and comedy so blurry these days that it hardly matters anyway?

Photo courtesy of The CW

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