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Which TV Network Is Doing Best This Year?

Over at the Hollywood Reporter, there's a pretty hilarious slideshow of how the TV networks are performing so far this Fall, including which animal each would be most like. (CBS is an elephant, strong but wrinkled; the CW is a gazelle, skinny and likely to be gobbled up.) It's interesting to see that almost nobody is doing well this Fall (every single network has gone down in viewers since last year), and — as we've been seeing in the ratings each week — even the one-time powerhouses like Grey's Anatomy and Heroes are really struggling.

But I'm wondering if, for you, there's a network that's clearly been a standout this year. Maybe it's launched new shows you like. Maybe it got rid of shows you hated from last season and is starting to change things up. Maybe it's the network with all your old favorites. Whatever the reason, which network do you think is doing best this year?

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