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Who Is the Best Comedic Actress of 2009?

Funny ladies of the big screen always make me happy; they can roll with the best of the boys and manage to be completely captivating doing it. This year's romantic comedies and girl-power anthems gave Hollywood's women plenty of chances to be silly, so let me know who you thought was the funniest this year. And don't stop voting there — check the rest of my Best of 2009 polls!

kismekate kismekate 7 years
The Proposal was soooo not funny. Isla FTW!
aerofan69 aerofan69 7 years
Isla - oops!
aerofan69 aerofan69 7 years
I loved confessions and thought Ilsa was sooo funny, i voted for her
clew001 clew001 7 years
leslie! i love sandra though
spicyaroma spicyaroma 7 years
Leslie! But I practically like everyone else on that list :)
melissaS melissaS 7 years
Isla Fisher's great in Confessions of a Shopaholic, her expressions are really funny and she's adorable too
sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
I've only seen*! sorry!
sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
I've only saw Confessions of a Shopaholic and Away We Go, so I voted for Isla. She was pretty good in that movie. I love Maggie as well, and I though her part in the movie was funny, but it wasn't big enough to be a standout performance... Love her, though. One of my favourite actresses.
Drewsfan Drewsfan 7 years
Yeah, Sandra Bullock dancing & singing to 'Get Low' gets my vote, with Wiig a very close second.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
SANDRA - definitely. i have to say that i was pleasantly surprised by the proposal and it was largely due to her ability.
jhilly123 jhilly123 7 years
Love Sandra! But to tell you the truth, she was the only one from the bunch that I find funny. I loved Isla in Confessions, but I loved Hugh Dancy more lol. And I'm partial to Tina Fey.
sarahcateh sarahcateh 7 years
Leslie Mann if only for her hilarious attempt at an Australian accent in Funny people.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
The Proposal was hilarious, but Zombieland was one of the best movies I'd seen in a while (and completely unexpected), so I went with Emma Stone. Sandra Bullock was an extremely close second for me, though.
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