Stranger Things: Everything We Know About Season 2's Mysterious New Characters

Oct 25 2017 - 11:00am

Little by little, tidbits of information have leaked out of the intense shroud of secrecy surrounding the second season [1] of Stranger Things [2]. In addition to a release date, the plot [3], a revealing trailer [4], and an answer about whether Eleven lives or dies [5], some details about the show's three brand-new characters [6] have emerged. Though some specifics about the newcomers — played by Paul Reiser, Sadie Sink, and Dacre Montgomery — are still under wraps, the Stranger Things [7] Comic-Con panel gave us a better idea of what to expect from them.

Dacre Montgomery as Billy

Hawkins High School is getting a new villain. "A little bit about my character is the Duffers were really vocal with me about playing around with, as you see [in the trailer], monsters as antagonists," the Power Rangers star said. "They wanted to play around with me as a human antagonist, so dropping a little bit of spice into a recipe that you all know and love is an honor. I hope that I can be scary enough."

Although we haven't gotten a clear shot of Montgomery in costume quite yet, there's a brief scene of him shirtless [9] and partying (and sporting a mullet) at the 2:07 minute mark in the season two trailer [10].

Paul Reiser as Dr. Owens

After Comic-Con panel moderator Patton Oswalt asked Reiser if he was a villain because his scenes "look sinister," the Whiplash actor kept things vague. "I won't say, but I think [the other characters] are understandably a little nervous about the guy who's coming in to replace [Dr. Martin Brenner, Matthew Modine's character], who was no good," he joked. "I basically come in from the government to clean up Brenner's mess . . . it was untidy. It was certainly untidy. Certain things happen."

He further added that it was tough to put any of his scenes in the trailer, because "that's how brutal my story is." You can catch a glimpse of him at the 1:05 minute mark in the season two trailer, examining Will (Noah Schnapp) in a hospital room.

Sadie Sink as "Mad" Max

Of all the information we've gotten about the new characters, specifics about Sadie Sink's role remain the most mysterious, although we do get a good look at her playing Max in the trailer (above). The only thing the Glass Castle actress told the Comic-Con audience about Max is that "she moves from California, so that's how she fits into season two."

The first episode of season two is titled "Madmax," so luckily it seems the show won't waste any time introducing her. Back in 2016, TVLine reported [11] that her character is a "tough and confident" tomboy who uses her skateboard "to get around everywhere."

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