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Are You Bummed That Charlie Hunnam Dropped Out of Fifty Shades of Grey?

This weekend we got the surprising news that Charlie Hunnam was dropping out of Fifty Shades of Grey, with Hunnam's busy Sons of Anarchy schedule cited as the reason. Despite there being no shortage of actors to replace him as Christian Grey, I'm wondering how everyone is feeling about the loss of Hunnam. There were plenty of people who weren't happy with his casting in the first place, but he had plenty of supporters, too. Let me know if you're disappointed about the news and if you have an idea for who should play Christian instead.

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Mi'chele14956353 Mi'chele14956353 3 years
I have to say that I'm not torn up about Charlie Hunnam dropping out of the Christian Grey role. I didn't think he was a good fit for Christian at all. However, the idea did start to settle with me, and I was beginning to warm up to seeing him take on the part. Then, he dropped out and I immediately thought Matthew Bomer or Ian Somerhalder should take the role. They would be absolutely perfect if their chemistry with Dakota Johnson is convincing. Then I see Robert Pattinson and Cilian Murphy are being considered for the role... PLEASE GOD NO!!! Somebody, ANYBODY scratch them off the list immediately!!! I loved the books and I'd like to love the movie just as much! Keeping my fingers crossed for Matthew Bomer or Ian Somerhalder!!!
Sarah14955498 Sarah14955498 3 years
I am bummed that this is in actual question that people (women) took the time to respond to. Don't we have anything else going on? Really? Obviously I'm not that high brow in the first place because I got here through Pop Sugar, but let's at least pretend to care about something more than important than who is going to play a character in a likely shitty movie based on an even more laughable book.
Tiffany14954358 Tiffany14954358 3 years
I'm am very shocked and upset that he will not be playing Christian Grey.. I had grown so used to the idea of him playing Christian and now we have to start all over again! I just wonder since him and Dakota had such chemistry if she will have it with the new Christian or if she will be the next to drop out.. I can I my see one other man playing this part and that Alexander Scarsguard.
Sharon14953289 Sharon14953289 3 years
I agree he had very big shoes to fit, but I knew he'd make it work because he's a very manipulatingly sexy character. I have a lot of respect for people who turn this role down to save their reputation. However I look forward to knowing who the next 'Christian grey' is and hoping that Matt works out bc he would fit it perfectly!
Marisa3176854 Marisa3176854 3 years
I'm sad only because I had mentally gotten used to the idea of him in the role but he's much hotter with a beard than without in my opinion. I really think we're going to be hearing about a release date change soon
salvia salvia 3 years
Charlie would have made a great Christian Grey. I think his decision had little to do with any petition and everything to do with the potential loss of privacy. Perhaps he thought it wasn't worth the price to be paid. If people are leaving their underwear for you and you have to hire extra security to assure your safety then is it worth the price? He initially turned down the role so there were red flags to begin with. He is a good actor and there are much better movie roles in Charlie Hunnam's future.
JennyV12 JennyV12 3 years
i think he was perfect for the role he is sexy and a little bit darker
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