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Who Should Play the Lead in the Female Scarface?

Variety is reporting today that a director has been named for Queen of the South, a female-led adaptation of Scarface set in Spain. Though casting has not yet begun, three actresses are reportedly circling the juicy role: Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.
According to the article, the "story revolves around a Mexican woman who escapes to Spain after her drug mule boyfriend is killed, then becomes a drug kingpin and seeks revenge for her boyfriend's murderers."

To me, this sounds awesome. I'm sick of gangster movies relegating women to the roles of backstabbing girlfriends or dim-witted victims. As for the leading lady for Queen, which of these actresses can you see playing the part Al Pacino made so memorable? Who can wield a crazy gun screaming one of my favorite movie lines ever ("Say hullo to my little friend!")?


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mannee mannee 5 years
PLEASE.....ANYBODY except jennifer lopez. she's hot. THAT'S IT. she can't sing, except in the studio, and she can't act. (did u ever see....well...ANYTHING she's been in)How bout Salma Hayek? Haven't seen her in a while, she's HOT, and she CAN act.
SexySwiss SexySwiss 9 years
michelle rodriguez
SexySwiss SexySwiss 9 years
Hmmm this is tough..uhmm i actually think that Michelle Rodriguez would play the part real good...she has that bad girl look...she would play the role well
latinalumps latinalumps 9 years
Please not JLO. I am so sick of her and not convincing. Sorry JLO but the fur thing really pisses me off. I think Michele Rodriguez all the way. She can act and she's tough. Down to earth too.
Eva-Mendes Eva-Mendes 10 years
wstanback wstanback 10 years
I think Halle Berry could pull it off. She has the cross over look and considering how she played the 007 movie I think she could really turn this up as well.
mrssmp2003 mrssmp2003 10 years
Okay, I am torn. I think J-Lo would be good in this movie...also Eva could play the part too. But someone made the comment about Selma Hyack and I agree with that also. Just hope it is someone good who will do the part justice.
Keri1 Keri1 10 years
When is Hollywood going to stop trying to "remake" the classics and realize they can never do it right the second time around. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Dukes of Hazard", and "Godzilla" come to mind for starters. The original "Scarface" is a great movie, a CLASSIC. Without even having to see a trailer for it, it's easy to see the pattern this movie is going to go through (like so many before it). You'll see a trailer (showing all the action). Critics get paid to give it a great review. Does well the opening weekend. Word of mouth gets around that the movie is basically 2+ hours of your life you'll never get back. Then it will drop into the depths of the bargain bin at your local supermarket. I for one have stopped supporting Hollywood in all these flops they like to mass produce. Hopefully one day they will find some writers and go back to making movies like they did before (as in the original Scarface). ~~Bludshot~~
rainbowbite rainbowbite 10 years
Also, what about Salma???? Since none of the other ladies up there are Mexican, as the part calls for. It would be a great comeback for her after her child is born. And I think she can do anything.
Cadet Cadet 10 years
I voted for J.Lo because I KNOW how convincing she can be at playing angry and gansta. But I'd love to see Eva get a role like that. I think it'd be great to see her lead a movie instead of just being the female sidekick or love interest. And to do something a little less comedic.
rainbowbite rainbowbite 10 years
you know, i voted for penelope thinking she was the only one with the acting chops (one of my FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME is Jamon Jamon, a Spanish film she made when she was like 16), but krampalicious is making me remember jlo in out of sight. i'm open to an acting comeback. she's the bitch's bitch after all!
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
out of these 3: eva wld be the hottest, jlo wld be the fakest and penelope wld be the best :) but yea michelle and selma wld be really good too.
laura8448 laura8448 10 years
Eva Mendes I think would be the hottest Scarface b*tch for the next generation. With The Wendell Baker Story coming out now, her cred and star stock will continue to rise!!
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
there's gotta be more talented latina actress than this list. but i definitely think Penelope could do this film justice. I think she's a great actress-it's just that sometimes i can't understand what she's saying. but it would be great hearing her say "say hello to my little friend." in her thick accent!
dmblauren dmblauren 10 years
i agree 100% with jinx. how can you remake scarface, let alone change it to a female? um, no!!
Jinx Jinx 10 years
I don't even think this movie should be made. Female Scarface? Like wtf?! The scene where she says she has the scar from eating pussy should be interesting tho. Hollywood should just give it up if they are *that* out of ideas.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ! She'd knock this role out of the park!
chancleta chancleta 10 years
oooo the 1st comment has a point: Catalina Sandino Moreno would be great!
chancleta chancleta 10 years
Salma Hayek is actually Mexican so I'm sure she would do good.
chancleta chancleta 10 years
Penelope's accent does not sound Mexican. Her Spanish is too European. Just like the accent from the islands (Cuba and Puerto Rico) has it's own sound. A good Mexican accent sounds completely different. J-Lo wouldn't be bad but I'm kinda sick of her. Eva is the best from this list. But you know who else would rock? Roselyn Sanchez or Constance Marie or Rachel Ticotin
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 10 years
None of the above! I'm not really sure who I'd suugest but the three ladies above would be completely unconvincing.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
penelope cruz would be so perfect in that role! sh's done similar roles in the past and has done so well even though she wasn't the lead
nadioz nadioz 10 years
and people who say that Jennifer can't act are just haters !! i admit that she's not good for rom-com ! but she was great in all her drama even when the movie suck : Money Train, Selena , Blood and wine, Out of sight, Angel eyes, An unfinished life, El cantante.........
nadioz nadioz 10 years
Jennifer !!! i hope she get the role she's so great in Badass role !!
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