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Who Would You Rather See Quinn With?

This post comes from Glee Club group member care0531.

Quinn Fabray was never one of my favorite characters on Glee. We all got to know Quinn as a somewhat selfish, stuck up star of the Cheerios, and head of the celibacy club who only joined the glee club to keep an eye on her boyfriend Finn Hudson. When everyone at William McKinley High School found out Quinn’s secret of being pregnant a lot changed for her, and since then her walls have come down and we have gotten to see a more vulnerable side to her.

The one thing still bothering me about Quinn is her lying about who’s her baby's real father. Which leads me to this question: Who should Quinn be with?

Finn Hudson: The captain of the football team and star singer in glee club. It’s not just Finn’s good looks that get the ladies attention — it’s the fact that he has a sensitive side that everyone gets to see. He sticks up for his outcast friends in glee club, and he never wants to let anyone down. The downside to Finn is he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I don’t think there are many high school students who would think it was possible to get your girlfriend pregnant without having sex.

Puck: (Real name Noah Puckerman) is the rebel jock football player who joins his friend Finn in the glee club. He has that signature mohawk and bad boy temperament but when it comes to his feelings for Quinn, he isn’t afraid to show her. Puck’s father is a “dead beat” and he doesn’t want to be that way which could be why we are seeing a softer side to him these days. Puck keeps showing an effort to be a part of Quinn’s life even though she keeps pushing him away.

Other: Maybe you think Quinn should be single and deal with this all on her own, maybe you think she should meet someone outside of glee and football to form a special relationship with, or maybe it’s just the support of all her good glee friends that help get her through the next several months of her pregnancy.

Vote and leave a comment telling us why.

Photos courtesy of Fox

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