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6 Reasons to Keep Watching One Tree Hill

Well, now we know why One Tree Hill is still kicking after all these seasons — because of you! When I asked why you're still watching the series, many of you made some very good points. Take a look at these six, then mark your TV calendar for next Tuesday's premiere.

  1. Because the characters have become like friends.
    "The show has always been such a character-driven show, and that hasn't changed much. You watch for the interactions between them and their struggles and joys. You feel like you know these people (especially after so long), and you want them to do well." — kaykayelle
  2. Because of Sophia Bush!
    "Brooke Davis is a great character, and I developed a girl-crush on Sophia Bush." — Miss Shapes

  3. Because it's a great guilty pleasure.
    "I love it when I'm sick or having a lazy day. It's my go-to DVDs (seasons 1-5 anyway...)." — HJScott33
  4. For the rest of the reasons


  5. Because the show still has new stories and characters up its sleeve.
    "After Peyton and Lucas left, I though it wouldn't be the same, that no character would be able to make us to forget about them and how great the show was with those two. And I was right, but Clay became a character worth watching. And after all these years, I fell in love with a new character." — pss
  6. Because you've already gotten this far.
    "I've been watching OTH since it began 8 seasons ago, so I feel like I have to stick with it....unfortunately, it just won't go away!" — Anonymous
  7. Because you're dying to know how it ends!
    "I'm looking forward to the series finale where I'm hoping Brooke and Julian get married JUST so they can bring Peyton and Lucas back." — Anonymous

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elramos elramos 7 years
I was a huge fan when it started and I was in high school. It has been bad for awhile now. I think when they did the flash forward it fell apart. The writing has been pretty horrible the past two seasons. I wish I could still enjoy it, but it has just gotten corny. They should put it to rest already.
bkelly323 bkelly323 7 years
okay these reasons about because it's One Tree Hill and it's the best show in the world, and i couldn't live without it and i will cry when it ends!!
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Brooke Davis - Sophia Bush is awesome. Not to mention that kid is super cute, and I'm not a fan of kids on tv they always come off as way to precocious or just obnoxious, but they manage to give that kid just enough of both to make him super likable. Not to mention they still manage to have great music every week, and I can't you the number of artists whose full albums I've purchased after hearing them on OTH.
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