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Why Has "24" Lost Viewers?

Why Has "24" Lost Viewers?

Undoubtedly, "24" has experienced a rapid decline in popularity this season, what with all the repetitive plot lines and its time slot that conflicts with that of "Heroes." According to a post in the LA Times TV blog Channel Island, "24" will undergo some serious changes next season, prompting me to wonder if the show's format of "24 hours in real time" is no longer new and interesting.

Yet Channel Island writer Scott Collins attributes the show's decline to something else: the "fading memory" of 9/11. Collins wonders if the initial popularity of "24" was due to its proximity to 9/11, when peoples' fears made the experience of watching the show more real, and therefore more "thrilling." The drop in popularity, then, can be attributed to the fact that 9/11 is fading from memory. As Collins points out, "Real-life political tension does wonders for creators of thriller fare."

What do you think?

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