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The CW's funny little new Fall show Privileged is back tonight with a new episode (that guest stars Lauren Conrad as herself). But will anyone be watching?

So far, at least, the answer seems to be no: The show's dropped viewers nearly every week since its premiere, with just 1.9 million people tuning into last week's episode. And that's a shame, because this underappreciated gem just might be my favorite new show of the entire Fall TV season. What do I love so much about the show, you ask? Well. . .

I love. . . the writing, first and foremost. Some lines on this show make me laugh out loud, the characters are funny and interesting, and the plotlines are entertaining without going overboard into crazyland. (They can say things like "Judgey Judgerson" without making me roll my eyes.)

I love. . . our fearless protagonist, Megan. She's smart, funny, warm and optimistic. She's like that Type-A girl who annoyed me in high school because she was always so good at everything, except Megan is endearing because she's also honest and human. For all her perfectionism, she's still a twenty-something girl who took a not-so-ideal job (as a live-in tutor to some super rich girls) as a means to an end — not unlike a lot of twenty-something girls. And despite the job being not-so-ideal, she makes the best of it with a great attitude. She's a peppy person who can also be direct about her feelings, proving that girls can be sweet without being weak or doormat-y.

Why else do I love this show? Please,


I love. . . that the set-up is pretty straightforward but still allows for interesting issues to arise. The two teenage girls are uber-wealthy, one of them is sweet and childlike (Rose), while the other is fiercely loyal but sometimes mean as a snake (Sage). In contrast, their tutor is not from a wealthy family and is constantly learning how to adapt to this way of life. Unlike some other CW shows, this one uses the differences in lifestyles to create actual conflict and make points about the characters.

I love. . . that it's super-duper girl-powerific. One of Megan's main reasons for sticking with this job is because she sees a mentor in the girls' grandmother, Laurel (played by Anne Archer). She's eager to learn from this powerful and independent lady, but she's not so intimidated that she can't have a frank discussion with her. I'm fascinated by this relationship — how Laurel will help Megan, how Megan will impress Laurel and impact her life. The show also takes the time to insert little lessons on being a strong, modern woman. Megan explains what's frustrating about dismissing a strong businesswoman as a "ball-buster," and tells Rose why she shouldn't watch porn as a how-to guide for sexual techniques. It's got a message but without being all message-y.

I love. . . the friggin' hot guys. What girl would not want to have this trio of men to flirt with?! Add to these guys the family's gay chef Marco, Megan's no-nonsense confidant who, like Megan, has aspirations beyond working at the Baker estate. He's fast becoming one of my favorite characters on the show.

I know it's only been a few episodes but I'm already so attached to Megan and Co. It breaks my lil' heart to think about this show being canceled. Do you know what I'm talking about here? Have you watched Privileged?

Photos courtesy of The CW

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