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Why NBC Should Renew Chuck 2010-05-03 12:30:00

4 Reasons Chuck Deserves Another Season: Buzz Fans Speak

Last year, Chuck was renewed in the 11th hour thanks to its incredibly loyal fan base, and we're in that time of year again. The outlook is much better this time around, but we're still in limbo — so I asked you all to speak up about why the show should be renewed. The response was overwhelming, with some seriously sweet messages about Chuck and the gang — NBC, are you listening? Read on.

It has die-hard fans:

  • "I don't understand how this show isn't more popular! It's FANTASTIC! There may not be a huge number of fans, but damn, we're loyal." — bethinabox
  • "Taking Chuck off air would kill me -- no, seriously. I have been an avid fan ever since it first aired on NBC and if this scenario every occured, I would fly out to Burbank and protest very loudly at Warner Brothers Studios and if that didn't work, I would be very upset and quite possibly lock myself in my room." — drgee

There's something for everyone:

  • "Everyone and anyone can be satisfied with an episode of chuck because it has all the genres wrapped up-comedy, romance, action, and drama. It's also a successful show because of the chemistry within the cast. Chuck and Sarah have more chemistry than any couple I've seen on the silver or big screen (and I'm a film major!). I love the 80s references. I love the multilayered characters." — ar12345
  • "Chuck should definitely be renewed. This is a show that I as a father can sit down with my 12-year-old son and enjoy watching something on NBC together" — Anonymous
  • "Chuck has something for everyone, and it is one of the few hours of television that consistently puts a smile on my face. Chuck has action and suspense, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy geekery, and romance all wrapped up in one awesome hour." — Pop Culture Curmudgeon

Two more reasons why Chuck rules when you read more.

It has likable characters:

  • "I think it's the likability of the cast and characters (who in spite of being clearly fictional are never one-dimensional and have a huge heart that makes them relatable) and the chemistry they share that makes it unique. And that is what us fans will terribly miss if it's canceled." — clara91
  • "Chuck Bartowski is just a likable guy, and when you add Sarah to the mix, everyone likes to see the underdog save the day and get the girl. And then to have characters like the Awesomes, the Buymorians, the 'bromance' with Morgan, and Casey, you have a winning combination right there. I could go on about this show forever, but basically it boils down to the characters all wrapped up in a marvelous, hilarious spy world." — Beth J

It's unique:

  • "Put simply, Chuck is my 'happy place' never ceases to bring a smile to my face EVERY WEEK. No other show has ever had this effect on me and my friends. With a media so quick to broadcast all that is sad and wrong with the world, we have this special time each Monday when CHUCK reminds us of all that is right (apart from the bad guys...but even that is clearly light hearted!)" — Anonymous
  • "Simply put, Chuck is a rarity. Few shows left on network television today contain well-written scripts, brilliant acting, a great soundtrack, and enough action/drama/comedy/romance to satisfy everyone. While some shows get old, Chuck continues to stay fresh and exciting. It is easily the most underrated shows on NBC, and deserves another chance to entertain us all. Viva Buy Moria!" — Anonymous
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