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Why the True Blood Finale Was Disappointing

5 Reasons the True Blood Finale Was Disappointing

Though the finale was days ago, the latest episode of True Blood is still a hot topic. Unfortunately, the chitchat is more about how lame it was than its few shocking moments. It seems that many of you agree with the sentiment, so here are your reasons why the True Blood finale was a disappointment.

  1. It doesn't leave us wanting more. "Once again a disappointing cliffhanger. Just like last year, I'm left not caring about the end. Obviously, Sookie will be back. The only highlight for me was Bill's secret finally being revealed. I've waited all season for Bill to go down. The rest of the episode didn't solve anything, just left everything open ended. I guess some people might enjoy that, but after dedicating the whole summer to the show, some big stuff could have at least gone down." — elramos
  2. Tara needs a better story line. "I kept hoping to see Tara drive off a cliff. I'm sick of valuable minutes being wasted on her. As manipulative and abusive as Franklin was, I actually felt bad for him that he fell in love/lust/whatever with her. I hope season 4 brings an end to Tara." — MeowAlyCat
  3. None of the series regulars are killed off. "I think the sense of urgency is kind of lost because in three seasons, not a single major character has died. Think about Lost. They kept the urgency going in the early seasons because the writers were not afraid to kill off a crowd favorite. As other commenters mentioned, we know Eric isn't going to die, and Bill isn't going to leave, and Sookie will be back, etc. Where's the drama?" — jadenirvana
  4. See the last two reasons when you


  5. Sookie's fairy life is not that exciting. "This whole weird fairy thing bugs me. It's so campy and soap opera dreamy that I almost roll my eyes every time it comes on." — tlsgirl
  6. Not everything is explained. "I wasn't bowled over by the finale either. There were some things not explained (how did Pam know to get Eric out of the concrete, for example)." — jultritz

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jultritz jultritz 7 years
Releasing your progeny has nothing to do with no longer having an interest in them. In the scene where Lorena releases him, she only does it because he threatens to stake himself. She still had an interest in him but no longer could compel him (including to have sex with her - he did that out of a nihilistic midset that he carried throughout the first half of this season). I have seen people try to argue that Lorena could still compel Bill on other fan sites and not yet read one explanation that held water. If she could sompel him, certainly she would have compelled him to drop the chains he was holding around her neck when Sookie staked her. But, like I said, I could be wrong about Eric releasing Pam.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 7 years
I'm also upset with Jason's storyline. His storyline was my favorite last year, but they completely dropped that. He is almost a caricature at this point. He's 'fallen in love' with a different girl every season. I loved the Crystal/Hotshot aspect in the books, so I'm curious to see where they'll take it... Also, the whole thing with the football player on V...totally no point in that storyline at all...
jultritz jultritz 7 years
I'm not angry! Like I said, I was not sure that Eric had released Pam but for some reason had that in my head. But Bill not leaving the hotel room had nothing to do with "rescinding" her release. That's not possible. dccros has it right - it was an issue of strength. I am also confused on how all of that works in the show - it has not been the same as the books. I just think it could have been better explained. Maybe Pam just figured it out when an assassin was coming after her. Or maybe Eric called her as her Maker. Either way, not well done.
ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
In one flashback with Lorena in a green dress she did release Bill. However, once Eric called Lorena to Dallas and prevented Bill from leaving his hotel room to save Sookie her release of him was rescinded. He could not escape her until he hit her over the head with a TV. He could not leave that hotel room of his own free will because she would not allow him to leave. If she had released Bill he would not have had sex with her. When she said make love to me that was an order not a request. If she had released him he could have refused her but he could not. She left because Godric ordered her to leave. That is why they were apart. Lorena then sided with Russell because Russell promised to kill Sookie and with Sookie out of the way Lorena would have Bill to herself. Eric did not release Pam. Pam loves Eric and is completely devoted to him. The scene in the bar you are referring in the bar was not Eric releasing Pam but Pam pleading with him to give Sookie to Russell to save himself. There was also another scene in the bar where Pam was pleading with him to not go through with is plan to burn in the sun. Please know it was not my intention to anger you. My post was with sincerity and kindness.
jultritz jultritz 7 years
Lorena released Bill which is why they no longer had that connection - that's my point. When Bill tried to release Jessica, she refused. I think you might be wrong about Eric but I am not sure. I know that he told her, while they were in his office, that she would need to be a Maker if he met the true death. But there was a scene with them together in the bar where I could swear he released her.
ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
Jultritz, I hope you don't mind if I help you out here. You have things a little chris-crossed. Bill released Jessica but she said that she was tried of being alone (when Bill was being held by Russell against his will Jessica was all alone) and she said that she wanted to stay with Bill. Bill then taught her how to fight werewolves. Together, they saved Sookie from the werewolf attacks at her house. Eric didn't release Pam, he told her that she would need to make a new vampire once he was gone (so that she could have a protege of her own). He was going to burn in the sun but that did not happen - Sookie rescued him and Russell from the sun. Not sure I understand your last part about, "Which is why Bill did not have it with Lorena..." I hope this helps. :)
jultritz jultritz 7 years
Pam says she will never get the concrete out of her hair - so she did rescue him. I'd have to go back through the episodes to watch but I thought that Eric released her which would, according to the show sever that connection. Which is why Bill did not have it with Lorena...
RubySnow RubySnow 7 years
So relieved to know I wasn't the only one who felt this way. I waited until yesterday to see this episode (as a reward to myself for a big accomplishment at work) and I was beyond disappointed. I felt completely ripped off by the finale. In fact, with eps 10 & 11 being so 'meh' I thought that the finale would be mind-blowing to make up for it. Nope, not at all. I wanted to love this season so much but I never felt like I got drawn into most of the story lines (of which there were far too many). However, I did love the whole Hoyt and Jessica thing. Can't wait to see where that goes and LOVE the addition of Alcide. Hope he gets a lot more screen time in season 4.
that would be interesting go2!
Go2Girl Go2Girl 7 years
I definitely was still blood thirsty after watching this! I want to see Sam turn Tara into a Shape Shifter and Sookie should trick both Eric and Bill with her special fairy godmother tricks and get a pair of fangs at last. Jason Stackhouse should become Sheriff and hire Eric as his Deputy. Lafayette should cook up some of his own magic, so that he can learn his own witchcraft and bring Grandma Adele back!
ampersand1 ampersand1 7 years
Hehehe, I agree with all five reasons. You know Allan Ball has referred to Tara as the smartest person in the town yet she has done some of the stupidest things: 1. believing Miss Jenae 2. believing and trusting Maryann 3. letting her Mom back into her life time and time again - but can you blame her. Her problems all begin with wanting and craving her mother's love and attention and never ever getting that love and attention Yeah, she needs to go. Aeryn, you are absolutely correct about Eric being being able to "call" Pam. Eric is Pam's maker and can call her in a moment's notice and she will be there. I have really enjoyed the True Blood ride. However, this show has an expiration date. Allan Ball's successful show Six Feet Under lasted six seasons. In my humble opinion, True Blood would and should last six seasons. True Blood is like a fantastic dessert but at some point we all have to start eating our vegetables again. :)
I concur with all these. It as disappointing after such as promising season... AND can anyone tell me how Eric got out of the concrete himself? that is what I seem to have missed...
sydneyalias sydneyalias 7 years
I agree with all of these except #5. I felt that Eric was able to get himself out of the concrete. He wasn't injured and only had a silver handcuff on. Not really enough to disable him. But if Pam did rescue him, it was explained in the first few episodes when Pam does that shiver thing at Sookie's house. It's a maker calling his or her child. The same was done with Jessica when she found the car. What I think was unexplained was how Bill overpowered Eric with essentially a bracelet and then assumed Eric wouldn't get out of the concrete. I kind of figured Russell wouldn't be in any kind of shape to escape since he was burned and chained, but that's not the case with Eric. Lame! But then again, I'm finding just about everything to do with Bill pretty lame. I know he won't die, but I sort of wish the Queen would Crouching Tiger, Hidden STAKE Bill. Matrix ReSTAKED? You get where I'm going...
lauren lauren 7 years
meowalycat, Whoops we should have caught that! I just made the change. :)
meowalycat meowalycat 7 years
I love that my rant is featured as number 2, as well as my glaring spelling error "and" instead of "an". Whoops!
aeryn aeryn 7 years
For #5, the Pam-Eric connection is unexplained in the show, but for book readers, we can kind of gather what was going on. Pam is Eric's progeny, therefore, they have a little telepathic thing going between the two of them. Eric probably "called" out to Pam while he was getting covered in concrete. I wasn't bowled over by the finale, but I was ecstatic to see Bill's true purpose for romancing Sookie revealed. I also liked AB's addition that Bill let Sookie be trampled by those two psychos so he could save her with his blood. I don't think that was in the books.
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
I agree with #4. The Fairy storyline is pretty lame. I've read the books and I still can't understand why the show changed it the way it has. As for #2 didn't it seem like Tara was leaving at the end? Seemed to me like she'd come to terms with stuff. I'm sure if she was leaving for good they'd have a better send off for her, but still. It kinda seemed like closure to me. But yes, I usually would fast-forward her trembling lip and attitude cuz it was so obnoxious. On a side note: doesn't it seem like the human's weren't really reacting to getting so much V of late? Sookie especially didnt seem to be too enhanced considering she'd been nearly drained and then healed so much.
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