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Win a Girls' Night Out on the Town!

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Do you ever look at someone and wonder “How does she do it”? Whether it’s a mom who effortlessly juggles a family, marriage, and a job or just a woman walking down the street who seemingly put together the world’s most perfect outfit, some women are worthy of being admired.

I Don’t Know How She Does It, out in theaters Sept. 16, is a film that explores the intricacies, challenges, and triumphs of today’s modern women. The film’s star, Sarah Jessica Parker, plays Kate Reddy, a woman devoted to her job with a Boston-based financial management firm who goes home to her adoring, recently downsized architect husband Richard (Greg Kinnear) and their two young children. It’s a nonstop balancing act that unfolds to tell a story that women everywhere can relate to.

And to celebrate you, I Don’t Know How She Does It wants to treat you and your friends to a night on the town. Just comment below on why you’re the quintessential modern woman, and you’ll be entered for the chance to a $1,000 American Express gift card and four movie passes to a theater in your area!

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candes candes 6 years
Because I made sure my daughter followed all the rules. (All for her own benefit of course.) But was never overbearing. I was a fun mom, so she never really knew I was being strict. I still can't get over how easy it was to raise her. It was always a pleasure.And she even talked to me about the tough stuff that most kids would hide from their parents. I am a very fortunate mother. :)
houseofanais houseofanais 6 years
Loved the trailer! The list - I got probably ten of them - for the school, the nursery, the work, my own evening school, school board, home, everyone's hobbies, you name it - and always adding new things and ticking things done off the list. It's planning for every minute of the day and includes sometimes waking up at nights with little twins and a second-grader screaming for mommy. But it's still fun most of the time and wouldn't want to change it :)
girlfriend3 girlfriend3 6 years
I'm so excited to see this film and hope I win! I am a hard working mom of 3 who commutes 2 hours a day and juggles work/life balance as best I can, while keeping a sense of humor. I also love to spend time with my girlfriends to remind myself I am a friend too so I'd love to win this and treat everyone!
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 6 years
I am the quintessential woman because I know sometimes you really can't do it all :)
raeraek raeraek 6 years
I have a full time job and work over 60 hours a week! I help to support my mom and three sisters and would LOVE this opportunity to have a fun night out with my girl friends. We are all going to see the film this weekend! I can't wait!!! Thanks Sugar and TWC!
athenajanes athenajanes 6 years
like most teens i am busy working my but off doing arrons for my mom and others and i go to church when i can but other than that i am always tired and never have time for my self it is sad really.
SLH04 SLH04 6 years
I maybe a little on the younger side and have been trying to make a name for myself as a hard working young star professional in the finance world all while expecting my first baby and owning my own home. I know I am just beginning the "quintessential modern woman" path but am excited, anxious, positive, worried and hopeful about my future. Did I mention I experience all these emotions at the same time daily and really need a girls night out ASAP! Geesh being a woman aint no joke!
kejtio kejtio 6 years
I looooove SJP, can't wait to see this movie!!
Cynt1 Cynt1 6 years
I am the Woman, I cook, work, make love , sew, shovel, read to, bring tissues for, get yelled at, get messy, get headaches because,clean up after, and can still put it down when I need and sometimes want to! Ha!
louispuggy louispuggy 6 years
I am the quintessential modern woman because I do it all. I am who my family turns to, calls on, is there through good and bad. I am someone's daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend and a friend. I am a cook, a workaholic, a maid, a doctor, a driver, a personal stylist, decorator, accountant, fighter and a go getter. I take on more roles than Angelina Jolie minus the 6 kids, lol.
Coco-Marina Coco-Marina 6 years
I cannot wait to see I Don't Know How She Does It. I love all of the strong female characters that look like they will balance wit, smarts and beauty! I am a modern woman because I have made a good balance between being the well educated go getter in a "Man's World" that the Woman's Movement fought so hard to get us to with the love and want for home of the doting wife. If we work hard, we can have it all!
febs54 febs54 6 years
I'm a young, PR profession who lives and breathes my job. While struggling the demands of pleasing others, paying bills on time and being the best person I can be, I always stop and admire women who I admire. A woman who still has a career and is a loving, doting mom is my ultimate role model.
gailmiller54 gailmiller54 6 years
When my kids where at home (all 7 of them - a combination of his, mine and theirs), people used to ask me all the time how I did it all. I worked full time and managed all of the household duties etc. and orchestrated the roles and responsibilies of each family member. It was a challenging and rewarding time. I am happy to say there is life after the kids grow up!
stepbagley stepbagley 6 years
I am the quintessential modern woman because somehow I am able to go from zero kids to 2 toddlers in a matter of 48 hours. Taking care of my niece and nephew has been a challenge but I manage to juggle it with working on my master's and working in P.R. Not to mention the cooking, coupon clipping, being the household accountant, maid,resident mechanic and as my fiance sees it personal stylist. Oh and I make time to walk my cute 4 dog. My life is very full but I am happy and amazed at what I can do in 24 hours.
chicchick chicchick 6 years
I'm just one version of the quintessential woman because I have great role models in my mother, my MIL and my friends. By looking to them, I try to replicate their strengths as I balance my family life with 2 young children, a husband, full-time job, social life, spiritual life. I am a work-in-progress of the quintessential woman and strive to better at it every day for those around me.
mldmld mldmld 6 years
I work full time and am in a relationship where we see each other every day. I'm also trying to maintain my health and fitness with daily exercise and healthy eating. I also have to help an ill parent who lives several hours away. I've learned that I have to take time for me by saying no to others, and that's not easy. I think most women are this way - we have to balance taking care of ourselves with taking care of others.
lindabalac lindabalac 6 years
I don't have kids or a relationship. I'm independent with a full time life - full time job, full time classes, a bonafide full time socialite!
1aliasfan 1aliasfan 6 years
No "because" about it. I not only manage several hundred real estate assets during the day, I also manage a house consisting of 3 kids - ages 3, 9 and 18 - juggling sitters, latchkey, volleyball, softball, theater, paying bills, cleaning house, laundry, college planning, potty training and more. As for my husband.....well, he's a man, lol.
seblowe seblowe 6 years
Because like most working mom's I spend my evenings going over "the list" and praying for strength and patience to be the mom our boys deserve, the wife my husband deserves, the employee my boss deserves and the loyal friend that everyone deserves. It is certainly not easy, but guess what I am not alone. Millions of us work hard everyday to provide for our families and I firmly believe that it makes us grateful for what we have.
abamda abamda 6 years
I guess b/c I "do it all", work, raise kids, keep the house running...thankfully though I also have a modern man at home who "does it all" too!!
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