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The Words Trailer With Bradley Cooper

The Words Trailer: Bradley Cooper Has Got a Story For You

Get ready to bend your brain as you watch the trailer for The Words, starring Bradley Cooper as a writer. His character, Rory Jansen, suffers from writer's block until he has a breakthrough and finally produces a best-selling novel. The only problem is that he stole the story from former soldier (played by Jeremy Irons), who put his life story to words years before Rory finds his writings. As you watch the preview that doesn't really come across, because the trailer starts out telling Rory's story, paralleling it with Irons's character in flashback (played by Ben Barnes). And then, randomly, Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde show up, because apparently Quaid's character wrote Rory's plagiarism tale. Got it?

None of that is really clear as you watch, nor does it make sense as to why a cheesy, romantic-comedy-esque song comes on in the final moments. Let's hope the movie itself is far more coherent than this first look, because I know I won't be missing a chance to see Cooper and his baby blues as a struggling artist. The film comes out Sept. 21, and you can watch the trailer after the jump.

Photo courtesy of CBS Films

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stone_soup stone_soup 5 years
Wow. I hope this isn't too complicated a movie that we walk away from it not knowing what it was to start with. But I'm excited! Not sure why the 2 commenters below slammed it so badly.
Tamara2719803 Tamara2719803 5 years
Oliva Wilde!?! How about Zoe Saldana. The worst actress out there today, anywhere. How the hell does she keep getting rolls? The trailer looks incredibly disappointing. But as the Sundance critics said, the script is confusing, and it's old. Brian has been writing and rewriting this for over twelve years. It's hard to get something like that into production if it's stale.
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
Things that will never make sense to me: Bradley Cooper as a leading man and Olivia Wilde getting a ton of work. Wow this is one crappy looking movie. Why do they insist on spending millions to make garbage?
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